Multiple audio interface question

Have an odd situation. Keyboard player uses GP4 on a Mac mini. Need to have two “parallel chains” going at once for about 150 song set list. In other words, two MIDI keyboards, each controlling its own VST in GP4, and going to its own pair of output channels for independent control from FOH.

Currently has a Focusrite 18i8 for the four outputs, but CH1/2 bleeds over into CH3/4 outputs no matter what so the two aren’t really independent at all. Now considering using two Scarlett Solo interfaces, but needs to know: Can GP4 do that? The Mac sees both interfaces as separate devices, but GP4 only wants one output device.

Does he need to run two instances of GP, one for each output device? If that’s the case, can GP manage both set lists with one “change” command?

Has anyone done anything like this, and if so, how? Beginning to think it just isn’t possible, but have to check with those “in the know” before he loses his mind .

Thanks in advance!

First of all, it should be possible to configure that Focusrite so that there is no bleed over.

That said, on a Mac, through the Audio and MIDI settings application, you can create an aggregate device that represents multiple physical interfaces and even virtual interfaces like Blackhole.

Configure GP to use that aggregate device and you’re done.

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He who refers to himself in the third person has likely already lost his mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But maybe ‘Keyboard player’ is actually someone else? :slight_smile:

Although it does seem a little crazy to replace a 18i8 with two Scarlett solos for this type of simple routing.

Check carefully your 18i8 configuration with “Focusrite Control” software - I’m quite sure that your bleeding is caused by a misconfiguration/wrong routing!