Multiple audio interface drivers


I have 3 different situations that I would like to use my computer (windows 10). However they all would use different audio interfaces. Lets say I have a high quality, very good performing audio interface for most of my use. But occasionally when traveling I use a cheap, low quality interface for working through technical issues and setting up new rackspaces.

Is there a downside to having lesser quality usb drivers installed-but not used, while using higher quality, better performing drivers with the better interface? Or in a another way do the installed drivers have any impact, if they are not currently being used?



No impact. It’s just like having hundreds of printer drivers already pre-installed even though you might be using only one or two.

If the interface is not connected/used then the driver does not get loaded which means it’s just another file on your computer and cannot do anything to your normal setup.


Great news! I thought that might be the case, but its good to know for sure.

Thanks for the info!