Multi/ live mode in Omnisphere


unfortunately Gp variation can’t work with one multi , for example omnisphere has up to 8 sounds per multi… I load it as a rackspace, create a variation , and select 3 patches in the multi , but it’s not remembering which sounds were chosen , it’s stuck in general to the multi ., is there a workaround ?


That is easy:

Set Omnisphere to Multi.
Then enable Host Automation for each mute button in the multi.
Now you can include for example button widgets and map it to the host automated mute buttons in omnipshere.
You can now set the “Invert Value” property of your widgets and your are finished.

In each variation you can now mute or unmute the sounds you want.
Do not check “Ignore Variations” in your widgets.


Thanx, otherwise I’d have to load 25 instances of Omni?, for example 5 multis/songs x 5 different patch/ verse , chorus etc .?

Gp is good to move between songs, but I would rather use tr Omni app ‘if’ spectrasonics can see each instance instead of one. It’s touch and go, …have you any mirroring success on iPad for windows laptop ?,


Instead of variations you could create as many rackspaces as you need for a song.
In each rackspace you load Omnisphere and the desired multi.
With predictive load enable you can switch seamless between rackspace up and down and memory usage
is low as possible.
When you have a lot of RAM you can deactivate predictive load and you can switch seamless between all rackspaces.
With variations I would try to reduce the number if omnishere instances needed and use host automation
and the filter plugin to bypass ominisphere instances not needed.


I don’t understand. The article we wrote about using Omnisphere in Live Mode describes how to do exactly this.

What am I missing?


You can use various VNC applications to view your Windows laptop from an iPad (best app on iPad end in my personal opinion is Jump).

Having said that, my own experience is that using an app like Lemur or TouchOSC on your iPad to control Gig Performer over OSC is more effective for performance.

Check out these blog articles/videos for more information

Lemur -

TouchOSC -


Cant put fingers on up to 8 patches at at time in live tr Omni mode ( live mode app), the gp workarounds are possible tho


A typical live use of omnisphere uses the iPad as a controller ( Tr Omni), touch any configuration of up to 8 patches at once , verse, bridge chorus , …done


Again, I’m not familiar with Omni TR but if you use Gig Performer’s approach (which I would hardly call a workaround as that suggests a Gig Performer bug) and you use Lemur or TouchOSC you can most certainly do multi-tap. You can also go much further if you’re willing to do some programming because you can use host Gig Performer’s host automation support along with OSC control to pretty much do anything you want.


Tr Omni is a mirror of live mode over WiFi in which any number or combinations can be chosen with your fingers during a song , it’s amixer etc., the Gp way is a workaround because omnisphere standalone takes too long to load unload for a set live. So lemur + Gp = tr Omni app
But Gp and Ms are faster switching complete multis than Omnisphere standalone., whichever company can sync the mirror ( tr app) for live mode to activate a present rackspace would be a breakthrough ,


No, Lemur + Gp = Omnisphere + Kontakt + Lounge Lizard + Pianoteq + Massive + MTron Pro + Blue3 + FM8 + The Legend + Serum + “pretty much every plugin out there” + hardware external synths

If you want Omnisphere to be the center of your universe then maybe Omnisphere + TR is great and maybe you don’t even need a host but Gig Performer is a much more general solution to manage an entire collection of synths and effects for live performance.


Of course it’s better than plogue bidule, an equal to mainstage for omnisphere users but yes, the diversity and instant editing ( parameters ), patch combination choices on the fly in omnisphere Tr app are awesome , but it’s data loading snail and impractical for live use , Gp is instant and your idea/ advice of muting might be the quickest way around live ( Korg kontrol 2 works for that


You can do everything in Lemur + GP that you can do in Omni TR and more. GP is hands down better because you can control all your instruments not just eight Omnisphere patches (though you can do exactly that if desired).

Yes, you will have to do some setup but it’s all very straightforward. For any button in Omni TR set up a button widget in GP and set up a similar button in Lemur. For X-Y tracking set up an X slider and a Y slider widget in GP and you can map those to a RINGAREA or MULTIBALL object in Lemur.