MTuner not working correct in GP

when used in GP - MTuner shows values way to sharp/flat and won’t settle on a value - looks like a sample rate problem to me.
while it works perfectly in LogicX, Pro Tools and Studio One - so the combination of GP and MTuner is the problem.
by the way, the tuner built in in GP is also quite unstable

Hummm, I recently tested with GP and adopted MTuner for tuning electric pianos. I kept with the out of the box parameters which covers the full range of notes of my electric pianos. I also tested the monophonic audio to MIDI conversion which also worked decently.

I am not experiencing any issues with MTuner. I had it open simultaneously in GP, Live and Reaper, and it was displaying the same values.

Do you have multiple audio apps open? The only time I’ve experienced issues with tuners is when I was trialing Logic Pro X and it would change my interface sample rate back to 44.1kHz by default (I normally run it at 48kHz). If I had been running GP at the same time it would then throw off the tuner.

I also suggested multiple applications with different sample rate as a possible culprit and also the base frequency. It should be set to 440 Hz for standard tuning.

Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 9.04.38 AM