MPE XYZ midi control surface - trackpad

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to find a way to utilise the features like the Orb in Omnisphere and the xy pad in FM8 with GP in a live scenario. Ideally some kind of touchpad that can be assigned to various parameters of a soft synth. I’m on pc so no Audioswift. There are some very expensive options with way more features than I need (Linnstrument, Embodme) and sadly, Roli’s Blocks and Sensel Morph are both discontinued.
I was wondering if I could use a regular computer trackpad and convert the output to cc data? Does anyone use this kind of setup?
Thank you

Why not using TouchOSC on your smartphone? (At least for x,y)

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How can I use an OSC xypad in GP? Is there no xypad widget in GP to link it to?
But I suppose there’s a solution and I’m very interested :yum:

Well, no, but you can use two widgets one for X and one for Y.

It seems so simple that I didn’t think it was possible!
I’ll be testing this tomorrow.

I once owned a keyboard with a X/Y pad and I wrote a script for smooth re-centering the widgets.
Maybe it can be of use…


Thank you, add it to my todo list :+1:

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I remember now trying this before but I wasn’t successful because you can’t assign the same osc xypad address to 2 widgets.
Is there a way around this?

You could always use GP script to parse the received OSC message and use the x/y values to set the two widget values.

@rank13 is right bridging your OSC app using a GPScript converting from XY to X and Y is a good solution. If you use the MK2 version of TouchOSC, you can probably also solve this issue using the built-in LUA scripting langage…

I use OSCAR for its simplicity and, as I’m zero at scripting and not at all interested in this sport, I’m going to forget about XYpads for the time being :wink:

This should not be that complicated and we could probably help…

Good to hear about this stuff. I’m wondering if someone with coding skills could create an extention that takes input from any peripheral and converts it to midi data as the OSC thing seems to be a bit of a work around. I’ll post in the Feature request thread.
Cheers :slight_smile: