MP MIDI Controller - New controller on the horizon

I just saw a preview to this:

It is a 21.5" screen that is surrounded by 32 hardware controller knobs with which you can control the parameters of a VST directly… seems to me just like a “GigPerformer - light” in hardware.

I think, this hardware controller in combination with Gig Performer could really be a great tool!
The videos look quite promising!

Load up any VST 3 / AU plugin

The MP Host (MPH) is a VST3/AU/AAX plugin itself and it can load up third party VST3/AU plugins. MPH allows to load only one third party plugin at a time and there are two versions of MPH, Audio Effects and Instruments.
Its virtual encoders (32 per page, 4 pages, total 128 virtual encoders) can be mapped to parameters on third party plugins and on midi controllers.

Audio passes through the MPH unchanged, the MPH does not process any audio and there is zero latency to the audio signal. The MPH is a virtual midi controller within the DAW, acting as an intermediary between the DAW and the MPH midi controller. Midi played notes and DAW tempo are passed to the third party plugin loaded in MPH.

Seems the MP Host is needed
If that is true, then I fear the same issue exists as it is with Komplete Kontrol.

I instantly thought about, what if there was a “bridge” between GigPerformer and the MP host…
So that the MP Controller would reflect and control what’s going on on the Gig Performer side.
That would be awesome.

I tried that with Komplete Kontrol.
In Ableton Live you can switch between Komplete Kontrol Instances and on the S88 you can access the plugin parameters.
But this does not really work when you use more than 1 rackspace in Gig Performer.
I could imagine the same restrictions (and that is not Gig Performer’s fault) are present with this.

Everything looks very promissing here, but I think it should encorparate a touch screen, so you could use things like tone wheel drawbars for example.