Moving to a new Mac

I’m looking for some advice here:

I have a MacBook Pro late 2013 I’ve been using to build my new rig, however I was able to pick up a MacBook Pro 2019 yesterday at a killer price. I plan to use the 2019 instead of the 2013 as my go-forward strategy.

Would it be better to backup to time machine on the 2013, and restore to the 2019, or to just do everything clean from scratch on the new MacBook Pro?



As on Mac Deinstallation of not needed programs or drivers is much easier than with windows, I would go the time machine aproach.

Personally, I prefer to do a clean install – I’ve always run into issues with Migrate and although Time Machine is brilliant for many purposes, doing a restore will still bring in a bunch of stuff that you may no longer need.

That said, if you don’t mind getting a lot of “old” stuff, then Time Machine is a reasonable option and obviously much less work for you.

I’m not a Mac power user, but I prefer clean installations on new computers, because I find lots of unnecesarry stuff in my backups that tend to use up many megabytes of disk space.

You are right with clean installation.
On MAC get rid of old software or drivers is very straight forward.

+1 for clean install

I disagree with that….I can be very hard to find old drivers if you don’t know where to look. And I still haven’t found an easy way to get the list of 32-bit apps that will no longer work so I can easily get rid of them

Ok, here you can get a list of 32 bit programs

Uh yeah — I know about those — but did you actually try to delete them? They’re just informational — you have to select them, then go down the list, find the location and MANUALLY delete each one and still deal with whatever remnants they’ve left around the place.

Thank you all for your feedback. I’m going clean install - no time machine.