Mouse Wheel Scroll Increment for Widgets


I’m noticing that when I scroll a widget, (e.g. a slider) with the mouse wheel the value changes in increments of 4.

Is it possible, in general, or for a specific widget, to change that increment (e.g. to 1)?

Did you try holding ctrl/cmd down while dragging the mouse?

The CTRL tip works for ‘click and drag’ (with the left mouse click), but not for the scroll wheel.

I overlooked that. My bad.

On my Mac, scrolling with the wheel lets me set increments of 0.1
Maybe this depends on mouse settings?

Plausible idea, but it seems not.

I changed the mouse setting


which did change the scroll increment amount in my word processor, but not in GP.

I’m aiming to use the mouse wheel for one-hand control of a widget that is tied to Song Select. Hence, I need increments of 1 in order to be able to access all the songs discretely.

As an operation, hovering over the widget and using the mouse wheel works very well - it is just the increment that is incorrect.

Honestly, GP was designed with the goal of NOT using your computer directly during a show — map a knob on your controller to the widget and do it that way.

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FWIW, all my controller knobs are continuous knobs. They don’t click-increment in single steps like my mouse wheel does.

Hands-off the computer during a show seems like a great goal. In my case, at this time, it’s all about commanding the studio (which might be a house-concert venue someday).

Did you try another mouse?
Or this gig file [Gig] CC and PC Incrementer

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CC and PC Incrementer looks very interesting. Will investigate. Thanks.