MOTU Midi Xpress XT

Ok, so just downloaded 4.8 and installed. The current rig is three keyboards and a Behringer FCB1010 foot pedal (with UnO), running MIDI into the aforementioned Midi Xpress XT, thence to GP4.

Problem: Every time I launch my two instances the Xpress XT shows up with a different number! (i.e. Midi Xpress XT #7, Port x, next launch Midi Xpress XT #8, Port x). It’s impossible to keep the mappings functional if the control hardware itself isn’t consistent between starts.

I’ve got almost 100 songs in my set list, so it’s kinda getting to the point where “just redoing the mappings every time I start up” isn’t workable .

Any advice welcome. Thanks!

Did you try using the rig manager?


Yup, that’s how I did the controller initially. The Xpress XT just gives itself a new “number” every time I open GP. I have Rig Manager MIDI aliases to “an” Xpress XT, but every launch assigns it a new number. I think I’m on “MIDI Xpress XT #14” now , and the aliases do not track that correctly.

Were you using an earlier version of GP and didn’t have this issue? Are you using a USB hub, or is the MOTU directly connected to your Mac?

If you didn’t have this issue previously, has anything else changed on your system recently e.g. upgrading the OS?

I have not tried the Xpress XT with earlier GP versions; I just got it recently. The MOTU connects directly to the Mac and its native driver is installed. So far it’s the only midi device having the issue; my keyboard controllers and keytar (Alesis) keep their mappings and aliases correctly between launches.

Have you configured the Xpress via the Audio MIDI Setup application?

Yes. Audio midi config shows normal.

Please post a screenshot

Rig Manager window on successive launches. Not separated by more than two minutes; no other changes.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear - I wanted a screen shot showing your MIDI configuration in the Audio MIDI Settings app