Motif xf7 not recognized by Gig Performer


Motif xf7 not being recognized by GP


Does your Mac recognize it at all?
How it is connected to your computer?
When it stopped working?

Every bit of information is useful.


Usb just tried for first time at a gig

Could you please answer also this question?

A gig is generally not the place to try something you’ve never tried before!

Based on the post by @david_san, sounds like that keyboard is not USB class-compliant and therefore a USB driver is required. This would be the case for that keyboard to work with any MIDI application on your Mac, it is not a Gig Performer specific issue.

It’s ok I’m using motif sounds as backup. Just bummed about not being able to use the GP file I’ve spent a month on!

It’s for Wang Chung.

I’ll try the driver. Thanks!

Be careful from where you download that driver. The link in that document does not work and when I just did a general search for that driver, the first few links were potentially malicious websites/