Morningstar MC8 / MC6 / MC6 Pro Extension

I have placed an extension for the Morningstar Engineering MC8 and MC6 Pro on GitHub at Morningstar MC8/MC6 Pro GIgPerformer Extension.

This was originally built for the MC8, but with the recent release of the MC6 Pro (featuring some nice color displays) I have updated it to work with the MC6 and MC6 Pro as well. (Hereafter referred to as MCx.)

Reasonably detailed documentation is provided in the GitHub repository in PDF/PowerPoint form.

I love GigPerformer, love my Morningstar MC8 and MC6 Pro, but I am never keen on having to keep Rackspace/Setlist changes coordinated across multiple apps or devices to keep a controller working in sync with a Gigfile.

This extension is designed to take control of the MCx displays and always keep them synced up to what you’ve designed into your Rackspaces/Variations/Songs/Songparts. It requires installing the appropriate MCx template into one bank on your controller, and activating that bank before starting up GigPerformer with the extension.

While this MCx extension will not write to any of your banks, I recommend backing up all other banks from your MCx before utilizing this extension.

A demo Gigfile (guitar based, using TH-U) is included in the downloads.


Very nice, well done! I’ve been eyeing off the MC6 Pro.
The next challenge will be to do a video with the MCx overlaid/split with the GP window, to see this in action :smile:


I am not sure to which degree this will help me for my use case, but in any case thank you for what you have done. I don’t know if it will be better for me the MC6Pro with the very powerful Morningstar Web Editor. On the other hand I am used to use Gig Performer as my main MIDI Command Center and I use it all the time to send Program Changes mainly to my Quad Cortex and my RJM Mastermind Switchers PBC6 and PBC10. I have ordered today the MC6 Pro because I would like to use it to have an additional foot control over my Mastermind PBC6+10 Switchers which are more in the background of my studio because as I said I send mainly MIDI Program Changes via the Gig Performer in order to change Presets on both units which works very good. But in order to have an additional immediate stompbox like access to both units and the pedals which are connected to them I would like to use the MC6 Pro.
The PBC6 has only a DIN MIDI OUT Port and you need an Y MIDI Cable if you want to have a MIDI IN and OUT functionality. The PBC10 has DIN MIDI IN and OUT Ports. So if I want to control both devices with the MC6 Pro via MIDI right now I wonder what would be the best way to set this up? Maybe your Gig Performer Extension could be something like a missing link in this scenario?