Moogerfoogers are back (in software plugins)

All 7 effects


I can show them all now :wink:


If you are ever in Asheville, North Carolina… be sure to make time to visit Moog for their ‘factor’ tour. Amazing place, fantastic products.

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Totally agree :wink:

It was on my list when I attend ContinuuCon 2016; loved every second!

MakeNoise is also in Asheville, we were spoiled as the reception was at Make Noise space.

I admit, I am intrigued. CPU implications must be assessed… also I found this profile:

I have not owned or used in the past any Moogerfooger but i like the Moog sound and took the change to play around a bit with the new Moogerfoogers VST. My experience sofar (after a few hours):

---- IT’S FUN
---- Endless spaces of wonderful / unexpected / chaotic sounds

Due to the included presets (covering many different sound areas) it’s easy to play around with and get quickly good results. The user interface is very clean / simple but you may need to invest some time to get a deeper insight to develop you own sounds.

I found the following videos (related to the original HW versions) very useful:

Moog Moogerfooger Demo with Jake Widgeon

Moogfooger Delay
Moogerfooger RingModulator
Moogerfooger Phaser

I was surprised that the CPU load is low / acceptable compared to other Moog SW (eg Model D) .

Attached is a small test gig incl panels covering the key parts of the UI.

MoogerFooger Test.gig (2.5 MB)


Thanks for the gig file @Charly :wink:

I was part of the beta testing and first thing I did, besides installing on latest Mac Studio/ Monterey, I also went to run the Moggerfoogers on my oldies iMac and MBP on High Sierra; and I was very happy with how well they performed!!