Monterey OS - Good So Far

I updated my 2016 MacBook Pro to the new, Monterey OS and I’m happy to report no problems with Gig Performer so far. All my plugins are AUs. They include S-Gear, Kontakt, EZdrummer, various Waves effects, and one or two additional items. I needed to provide my license info again, just as I did when I went to Big Sur.

Note that I’m in development mode, rather than performing, so I could take the risk. In addition, I will receive a new M1 Pro machine in a couple of weeks, which ships with Monterey, and I wanted to test the water.

Living life on the edge. :wink:


Very good news. I guess you are using GigP in M1 mode. With AUs it can run M1 native plug-ins or not automatically

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To be clear, this is the OSX Universal software on a 2016 Intel machine. I’ll try it on the M1 Pro in mid-November. :slightly_smiling_face:

I faced the unknown buying an M1 MacBookPro last year. It was very risky but I was completely pissed off by a gaming Windows notebook. That I managed to sell without any loss to a young gamer.
I will probably buy in January a 14 inch new Mac.
After Christmas crazyness.
But this time I will let someone else to be the explorer.
You seem to be the perfect guy. LoL
I will wait for Monterey.
I have some gigs between now and December.
I want a no risk machine: currently everything runs perfectly. No update before Christmas.
Many thanks to you for every future report

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Yes, if you are actively performing, avoid risk. I don’t expect to do anything serious until spring, so I can play.

If you have any must-have plug-ins, aside from things listed in the top post, let me know. After I get the new machine, I could try the demo versions and check their compatibility, latency, and load.

That would be even too much.
I play usually with Pianoteq, Arturia V collection and Native Instruments Complete, and IK Hammond B3X
Only Pianoteq is M1 native.
Then Korg, Roland, U-he (already M1) and Synthmaster.
Today all are perfectly working. Native M1 or not.
Just tell us your experience with your plug-ins.
It will be extremely helpful

I forgot to mention that I have and regularly use Arturia V Collection, so I have that and the Native Instruments engine covered. I wonder how long they will take to go M1 native. If they don’t, it seems they might leave the door open to competitors.

Just recently, Waves went M1 native. Their library is quite large. If they can do it…

I can hardly wait to deliver my review. :grinning:

It depends on their software engineering quality.
Migrating is terrible if you have spaghetti code and old legacy routines. You have to do it manually.
Arturia and Native have a long tradition. So they are probably full with old code.
Just trying to guess.
U-he was very fast for example

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I agree that all program operations are going smoothly after installing Monterey. But, is anyone else experiencing extremely increased startup times?

I did notice increased startup time to load a 120 rackspace/song file. I’m running an M1 Max MacBook with 64gb and I tried to load the entire thing (no predictive loading) and it took quite a long time. I’ll time it. So for now I’m keeping predictive loading to 3 rackspaces/songs as if songs are triggered by program changes and not consecutive, predictive loading would take longer as the “predictions” are more difficult to ascertain.

I know you guys are pushing to keep PC assignments constant in set list creation which will make a big difference. :slight_smile:

I should have been clearer: I meant boot-up time. I was having a bad problem with sometimes 3-4 minute boot-ups. Problem solved: I had a 500 GB card in the SD drive for backups, etc. I removed it and boot-ups returned to normal…30 seconds or so.