Modx cc messages and gigperformer - controller with fader and knobs

I just bought an Yamaha Modx6 to carry around on smaller gigs when my Kronos 88 is not needed.

While I like the sounds on Modx I have a hard time getting it to be reliable in terms of sending cc messages. I assign controllers to buttons and faders and soon after they are not working.
Looking into it I found out, that the issue is due to a Modx software problem. Other people experience similar behaviour.

My question is, if any of you have a Modx setup working with gigperformer.?

Can this setup get to work with an outboard controller with faders and knobs which controls GP so I let Modx contollers only control internal sounds. Any recommendations controller wise?

@madsgranum, we have to figure out why you loose the control of your widgets…

  • Could you please check if the CC# sent by you MODX keep the same ? (use the GP global MIDI monitor for this)
  • Are you able to give us the steps to reproduce your issue? (From widget MIDI control assignment to lost of control)
  • Are you on Windows and are you using the MIDI in OMNI block?

Please don’t post the same question in multiple topics. I have removed the other post.

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I think his hardware has a problem, it’s not remembering whatever values he assigns to the Mod X controls.

Yes, it is a hardware related problem. Other users of Yamaha Modx has reported similar weird behaviour.

What a shame. I think it is really difficult to find a good 61 note keyboard with good Keys and faders knobs to the left (where you need them).

If its about to have Faders, these three come first to mind:

Novation LaunchControl XL. Good device. Its what i use

Akai “Midimix” **. Its a little less in height due to smaller faders.

Korg Nanocontrol **. Very small form factor.

** i´ve never used these two myself.
Can´t vouch for feel and performance.
I´ve NOT stumbled over bad comments in the forums i surf.
should work fine either

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