Modulate mixers with MCCGenerator/MidiShaper etc

Hello again. Hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday.

I am trying to figure out how to modulate a GP mixer fader with a plugin controller like MCCGenerator or MidiShaper.

The only solution I can think of is route those plugins into a virtual midi output port, route that port back to a virtual midi input port, create a widget and etc etc.

Is there a more streamlined solution?

Not yet – the way you suggest is the way to do it right now

Ok, thank you

I also tried to work with that.
Unfortunately this plugin does not support HOST automation.
So no easy way.

Which one, MCC or MidiShaper?

I tried with MCC

I actually have MCC working to automate some external loop switchers (Voodoo Labs Hex), from GP.

What problem did you have? Were you trying to modulate GP mixer faders too?

When a cc is generated no HOST automation is created.

Forgive me for being dense, when you refer to Host Automation, you mean the DAW storing the CC content and then being able to play it back, correct? Or no?

I’m kind of brain farting because in the sense that I think of it, GP doesn’t have Host Automation, correct? You might have to educate me a little, haha.

Gp uses host automation when you map a widget to a parameter exposed by a plugin.
This way you can map a widget to a MCC knob which should be modulated.

But as soon as a cc is generated the host automation is disabled.
I was in contact with Melda and they confirmed.

And you weren’t able to get MCC to modulate a GP mixer fader? Did you try MidiShaper too?

They both do not expose parameters which can be used by Host automation.

I see, you were trying to automate those plugins. Gotcha.

Anyway, I’m about to try to see if I can get this to work via the circuitous virtual midi port method. Will report back. Just wish Bome offered more virtual midi ports than 9, I’m going to run out!

Another solution can be a scriptlet which gets the cc data and injects in the local GP port.
So no need for a virtual MIDI

Whoa, there is another solution…

I have not messed with scriplets yet, though did modify existing scripts to randomize parameters on a plugin. Was a lot of work, haha. Still have more I want to do in that regard, just haven’t gotten to it.

Just did a search to see if anyone had tried this yet (forwarding CC data to local GP port), search came back empty. But from your wording, I did find InjectMidiEvent and then I found this thread: Controller transformation for program change - #7 by jbgermany, which injects CC data into the Local GP Port.

Let’s see if I can modify it to work…it would save some virtual midi ports and keep it in house which probably wouldn’t be a bad thing. Any insight?

Actually, this is probably more relevant, your script in this thread. How to handle Midi port out from a global rack space? - #2 by pianopaul

Let me see what I come up with…

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Yep, modified that script and it works. Here it is:

On ControlChangeEvent (c : ControlChangeMessage)
InjectMidiEvent(“Local GP Port”, c)

Using MCCGenerator but can’t imagine it wouldn’t work with MidiShaper too. Thanks!