ML Sound Labs Amped Templates

I created a series of templates (nothing fancy) for the ML Sound Labs Amped series of plugins with widgets for most of the functions prebuilt. The plugins are not the most full featured things ever so there are some features which are not addressable via widget. For example, to switch different amp types, adjust the cabinet types, and turn the cabinet section on/off you’ll have to open the plugin. There’s probably other functions too, this is just what I could remember off the top of my head.

They files are hanging on Google Docs - There’s a sub folder for each plugin with a series of files contained within. I created a gig file, a rackspace, panel for the amp section, and panel(s) for the effects sections. You may have to re-map functions to the plugins, but the that should only take a few minutes.

I’m planning to do something similar for the Mercuriall Euphoria, Reaxis and Spark, and all of the Neural DSP plugins when I have time. I’ll probably do other plugins after that.


What a job, well done!
what a pity I don’t have these plugins. If you plan to do it also for Scuffham Amps 's S-Gear , I’ll take it for sure :yum:

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Thanks. I don’t have S-Gear so I can’t make templates for it. To be honest I tried it about a year ago and it just isn’t for me.

I was just kidding, I already have what I need most:


I like the “FOR RENT” :rofl:


I can put here an advertisement for you or your band, which will make the purchase of GP profitable. :money_mouth_face: