Mixing/Mastering in Ableton Live?

Hello there,
I didn’t really know where to put that topic !
I hope you are all doing well. Responding to another post, yes I did a little review of GP3 on audiofanzine, and I’m happy if this an bring people to that great software.

I have the oppurtinity to have free lessons on “anything I want” in France. For me that’s about Ableton Live and Mixing.

I heard Live wasn’t ideal for mixing, is that true ?

The fact is that I paid for it, and I want to learn it as much as possible for live use.
If I pay for example Logic (that’s the less expensive), I will have to take the Logic course, whereas I’m more interested in Live.

Do you think you can do really good mix sessions with Live ? In what regards should I try another DAW…I’ve heard people that use Live to mix and it seems ok !

Thanks in advance and since that’s not a GP question, you don’t have to answer :)))

Cheers from Paris