Mixer with equalizer?

Is there a plugin that can functionally replace the GP mixer, but has per-channel bass/mid/treble or parametric EQ? I know there are EQ plugins that I can attach to the output of individual VST instruments and effects, but it would be handy to be able to adjust the frequency response of each individual channel in one place without inserting a bunch of pre-mixer plugins. I would especially find this useful in live performance situations.

Maybe this?

Yes, I think so based on the description. Could I use this plugin in place of the native GP mixer?

It is a normal VST.
I tried it in Ableton Live, not sure if you can combine the channel so you have an input and output for each strip.

When you are searching for a single channel strip:
Plugin Alliance has excellent channel strips

I just need a basic 8 in/8 out mixer with EQ per channel. If it can do that, it works for me. Not sure I understand about “combining the channel”?

Also, some of the reviews talk about high CPU utilization. Did you see that when using CLA MixHub with Ableton Live?

It is some time ago, I do not really remember.

Thanks, pianopaul for the info. The plugin is currently on sale for $70 with a coupon code, so I may pull the trigger and try it out.

You should ask Waves Support, if this all is possible.
As I remember you have to insert CLA Hub on all Channels you need and then you can
“make” a hub.

…and take care of latency, seems that most Waves plugins introduce addtional latency of about 5msec

Thanks, and correction: I need 8 in/2 out (stereo). I will report back with how well this solution meets my needs and how it impacts CPU and latency.

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I’ve been wanting this same kind of mixer option, with EQ and/or compression. So, I just bought the Mixhub the other day and have been experimenting with it. Here’s what I’ve found.

First of all, it sounds fantastic. All the individual elements are superb and everything works together nicely.

But, there are some serious drawbacks to using it inside of Gig Performer. And I am still experimenting with this, so it is possible I don’t quite have everything setup to its best, just yet. But I must be close.

  1. It takes up a lot of real estate in GP. Meaning you have to add a new plugin for each channel you want in the Hub. I initially set it up with 4 mono channels and two stereo ones. See the attached JPG to see what this looks like.

  2. It doesn’t sum the channels together even though you can EQ or Comp all 8 at the same time. So you have run lines from every instance of each plugin to the output. Or sum them using a GP mixer. Each instance equals one channel of the Mixhub. (I am still snooping around it if this is the only way of using it.)

  3. Uses a ton of CPU. Real bummer on this one. When I have 6 channels setup inside (4 mono and 1 stereo) with all the EQ and compressors turned on I am hitting about 35%. Thankfully you can turn off any EQ or Comp you aren’t using and that kicks down the CPU quite a bit.

All in all, this won’t replace the GP mixer. Though, damn, it sounds so good I think I will still use it in a limited way.

I recently purchased MixHub and reached the very same conclusions. It is a great (albeit “heavy”) single slot plugin with built-in EQ, compression, and other goodies. However, it does not replace GP’s mixer, and it consumes significant real estate and audio processing resources. For $70 (with coupon), it’s not a bad value. I just can’t use it for what I intended to.

What about the latency of CLA hub introduces?

Based on the apparent lack of third-party plugin support for a GP mixer replacement with EQ, I will enter a feature request to add per-channel equalization to the GP mixer.

Why should the developers create such a plugin when one could use a 3rd party EQ?

Do you know Reaktor from Native Instruments?
I could imagine with this one could build such a mixer.


If I have 8 instruments in my rackspace feeding GP’s 8 channel (stereo) mixer, I’d rather not add 8 separate EQ plugins, which will clutter the connection view and consume additional audio processing cycles.

With Reaktor one could build such a mixer, I try and post such a reaktor build.

But a plugin always consumes CPU, even if it is an inbuilt GP plugin.

And I create my sound in the plugin and most plugins provide EQ etc.
Only in rare cases I am using a separate EQ.

I use several VST instruments that lack built-in EQ so it is an issue, at least for me.

If this can be done in Reaktor or another commercial plugin, I would retract my feature request.

OK, I’ll do my very best :wink: