Mikko's rackspace template

On Mikko Patama’s website under the Free stuff page you can find not only his template in Gig Performer but also interactive courses built around Gig Performer.

The exact template Mikko uses when utilizing Gig Performer as a plugin host. On every Jupu Group and Overhead performance, at least half of the keyboard sounds are made with plugins, which run as VST3 inside Gig Performer. This template functions as a quick starting point when building a new setup for new songs or projects. No instrument plugins are included, only some pre-routed EQ ja basic effects which are frequently used.

Three commercial plugins are used inside this rackspace: Fabfilter Pro-Q, Valhalla Vintageverb and Valhalla Delay. If you don’t have those exact plugins installed, feel free to replace them with your favorite EQ and FX plugins (first free recommendations: TDR Nova for EQ, Deelay for Delay, TAL-Reverb-4 for reverb)

Download: LINK