Mike Rosenstark

New Year → New Action! :slight_smile:

In this YouTube video Mike Rosenstark confesses how he was roaming with other products (Ableton, Reaper, MainStage…) until he found Gig Performer which “changed my entire rig forever”, which is also a part of the title of this YouTube video:

Enjoy this Vlog and find out more about his journey and a little bit of his music.

Duet with Josh Kutchai

Solo Fantasia for Piano & Internet Radio Stations

Full VLog Gig Performer episodes:

  1. First report with Gig Performer: how it changed my entire rig forever!
  2. Duet with Josh Kutchai - so easy to set this up in GP: amazing!
  3. Solo Fantasia for Piano & Internet Radio Stations
  4. Improvising with Gig Performer
  5. A video partly explaining my rig
  6. Just hear the stereo output of Gig Performer!
  7. I go into some detail about my Gig Performer setup
  8. How I randomly choose Internet radio stations to be part of my guitar/SFX rig
  9. Me messing about with my new Gig Performer rig
  10. A deeper dive into plugins & Gig Performer
  11. Agony of Ecstasy and Placeholder Titleman McName
  12. STILL blown away by Gig Performer!

Here’s another video of me; this time going through my rig in general in Gig Performer. Mike Rosenstark VLog Jan 4, 2023: Gig Performer #5 - YouTube

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new YouTube vid

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I liked all on YouTube :slight_smile:

thanks bruv

I created the “Full VLog Gig Performer episodes” section in the first post and listed 8 episodes (keep ‘em comin’). :slight_smile:

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So this latest one I just did-- Mike Rosenstark VLog: Jan 12, 2023 "Mike Off the Chain" - YouTube (it’s still processing as I write this) but this one is really near & dear to my heart, because I’m finally getting familiar & comfortable enough with GP to really allow artistic expression. No talking, though: I’ll put a full talky-talky version up tomorrow probably. Also thanks for your support!


But suffering a lot! :rofl:
The sound is rich and full of interesting effects, and your presence brings a delightful madness. Really impressive performance, I love it :star_struck:

wow thanks so much! I’ll do another crazy one tomorrow.


this one isn’t THAT crazy, but it’s a solid effort nonetheless: Cool stuff you can do with Internet Radio stations: Gig Performer #13 - YouTube

Number Nine… Number Nine… :rofl:

Just said to another GP person this morning: “If the Beatles had Gig Performer they would’ve released another 150 albums”


Putting another one up now…this time I tried “maximizing” the audio track so I think it’ll be loud as hell

quite proud of this bit of insanity


And John Cage would have been proud of you too :wink:

I think he definitely would have loved this one: Mike Rosenstark Vlog: January 22, 2023: Gig Performer #19 - YouTube

Also if you check out that photo mosaic of “Starry Night” in the background: I made that!

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A must-watch episode :slight_smile:

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Another fine example of “the possibilities are endless!” :grinning: