MIDI vol pedal freezes gig performer?


Anybody run into this problem? I’m running gig performer on a macbook pro connected to an MOTU mk4-ultralite, with a Yamaha MOX F8 as a controller. Everything works great, except if I try to use my MIDI vol pedal, gig performer seems to freeze–as soon as I move the pedal, I get no sound out of gig performer, and I have to close it and re-launch it. Then everything’s fine again until I touch the volume pedal. I could avoid it for a lot of patches, but really need it when using B-3 sounds. Just thought I might avoid having to hunt down the issue myself if anybody else had a similar problem and solved it!


You need to give us way more information on this. For example, to what is your MIDI vol pedal connected? What CC messages is it sending and to where? Are you on Mac or Windows? What version of Gig Performer are you running? Do you have any virtual MIDI ports? What you’re describing sounds like some kind of a loop but there isn’t enough info to hone in on this.


MIDI volume pedal is connected to the Yamaha MOX F8 controller.

I’m on Mac–pretty sure I did mention that.

I’m running gig performer 3.

No virtual MIDI ports, unless I misunderstand what that means. The MOX F8 is sending MIDI into the mk4-ultralite, which is connected via USB to the macbook pro.

I’m assuming the CC message the MIDI volume pedal is sending is MIDI volume, which is #7, right? I suppose it could be Expression, which I think is #11?

Hope that helps!


I don’t know — you have to tell us what it is sending!

However, before we go there, when you say that gig performer freezes, does that mean you can’t click on anything, for example, you can’t change a widget value or switch to another rackspace?


Could you send us your gig by any chance or better yet - the smallest version of your gig (maybe just one rackspace) that can reproduce the problem.
Also send us exactly what your pedal is sending into GP. You can see that in the MIDI Monitor window.



Yes! I will get on that tomorrow, thanks! I’ll also be working on the problem here tomorrow, so if I find the solution I’ll let you know.


Also, is gig Performer completely freezing or is there just no audio?


From what I remember (this was all happening on an actual gig the night before last) it was just no audio. I remember messing with some hardware controllers I had linked to various widgets and seeing the widgets move, however, nothing I did was able to produce audio except quitting and relaunching.


Ok, that is very important information because it means that Gig Performer itself is not in fact freezing.

Can you please use GP’s global MIDI Monitor window to see exactly what messages are being created when you move your expression pedal?


I could try to reproduce this since i also own a MOXF6.
But i run GP on PC and i have a diffrent interface, but i could give it a try…
@richrut: Just to be sure… you don’t make use of the MOXF’s internal sound engine or its audio jacks, or have it connected via USB to your computer? You only use the MOXF as a masterkeyboard to control GP, and it is only connected to your external audio interface with a normal MIDI cable?
The volume pedal is a standard pedal with a TSR-like plug?
Does the pedal work as expected when you use it on the MOXF sounds (say ‘standalone’, with the MOXF not connected to the MAC)?
Cheers, Eik.


okay, got everything back home and set it up Pedal is sending CC #11 for expression. And what happened when I set it up? Everything was FINE. Works great, just like it should’ve on stage. I feel like I’m losing my mind. Can’t get it to screw up.

Anyway, a thousand thanks to you guys for your suggestions (yes, btw, only using the MOFX as a master keyboard with normal MIDI cable connected to mk4, standard vol pedal and plug), I’m completely nuts about Gig Performer, it’s tremendous software and brilliantly laid out. Other than whatever the hell happened a couple of nights ago, it sure seems to be rock solid. I’ve already recommended it to a bunch of people.


Well, that’s good to know. However, I don’t believe in magic, so there has to be an explanation. Now this may be a silly question but is it possible that you just plugged the pedal into the wrong socket or that the plug/cable of the pedal had a mechanical issue?

Anyway, glad you’re happy with GP


I use one too and the widget value floats around but no crashing issue ,