MIDI sync when changing songs

I’m using a MIDI Fighter Twister (4x4 encoder knobs that are also clickable–LED indicator lights for all). MIDI sync combined with Catch is working perfectly, I’m really happy with that.

When I switch to a song that contains the same widgets as the previous song, mapped to the same encoder rings, the Fighter Twister displays and updates correctly. If the next song is missing some widgets from the previous song, the encoder ring LEDs get stuck on (don’t show the correct status).

Can you help me understand if there is a solution and what the best one is? I imagine there is a scripting way; I immediately thought of putting in widgets for no other reason than to set an off value for the encoder LEDs. But then I might end up with 16 widgets per rackspace for the 16 encoders which would clutter things up. You programmers are laughing at me for that!!

I have a consistent scheme for how I use the Twister Fighter, so maybe creating rackspaces with all 16 knobs might work? I am a newbie regarding Rig Manager and how that might help in this situation.

Do you know if there is a midi sequence to reset your controller?

Maybe you could send this midi messages to your controller when a song is selected.

You could also send out the 16 cc messages you would get from the controller with the value 0 to set all controller knobs to 0.

But I am not sure if this values are sent before the widget values are sent out.

In the Song properties you can define midi messages to be sent to a midi device when the song is selected.
Can you upload a small gig file, so I could check?

Thank you. I don’t see a reset option in the manual. MIDI out to the individual encoders is working fine and there is great LED customization in the Twister Fighter (you can even program it as a light show–you can control each knob’s colors within the rainbow spectrum).

Please upload a small gig, so I can simulate an check with song properties.

Thanks–attached. Starting point.gig (1.0 MB)

Will Check and come back :wink:

As I do not have your controller I simulates with the virtual MIDI IAC Driver

Starting point(2).gig (232.2 KB)

So a solution could be to send out the CC messages to your Controller wich are not mapped to widgets.
In this example the CC messages 90, 91 and 92 with a value of zero are sent out to the physical available MIDI device (can be seen in the MIDI Port options window).

This messages are sent after the mapped Widget sent out the synced message.

Thank you–can you point me somewhere to understand the syntax? What is xB9 and does that work with all controllers? Finally where do I find the exact name of my controller to type before the colon?

xB9 is a hex syntax and means you are sending out a CC message on Midi channel 10
xB0 is a hex syntax and means you are sending out a CC message on Midi channel 1
90 is the CC message 90
and 0 is the value off the CC message

when you click ion the Open helper tool you a redirected to a web page where you can design that messages and with copy and paste you can take it into Gig Performer

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Here under MIDI Output ports you should see your controller

Thank you, I was able to get this working. One note–and it may have been something I was doing wrong. When I used the name of the MIDI Output Port in the Song part Advanced MIDI field, GP gave me an error that it wasn’t used in the rackspace as an output block.

I went back to the rackspace and created a MIDI out block to my controller (wires not connected to anything). I right-clicked on this block and clicked Set handle OSC/GPSript handle. I named it something short (Twister). Back in the song part, when I used Twister: xB9 15 0, boom, worked perfectly. (xB9 is because I have my Twister knobs custom set for channel 10).