Midi Sequencer

Hi Forum,

does anyone have a recommendation for a Midi Sequencer that I could use to trigger external Synths?
In the test I allready did I allways had the problem, that these plugins expect like a “playing DAW” to start, so they were not doing anything in GP.
I want to start or retrigger a sequence by some MIDI CC. On the other hand the plugin should use the current GP tempo.

maybe something for GP Version 4. :wink:

Thanks for your help guys.


We have a MIDI file player in the works - just didn’t have time to finish it before official release of GP3. But it is not a sequencer, i.e. it doesn’t have recording/editing capabilities. All it will do is play a standard MIDI file.

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Which plugins have you tested so far?
And a very basic question, but maybe something that’s missed:
Have you started the playhead in GigPerformer? Because if this doesn’t run, nothing wil happen too.
(This quite large “Play-arrow” symbol in the upper right corner)

I tested the HY-SEQ16 and another one (can´t remember the name right now) also with the play button pressed.
Something that can run freely with given temp would be nice.

I just have tested HY-SEQ16 (the free version) and it ran without problems…

This is a step sequencer, is it able to play midi files?

No, i don’t think it can play files. It only has 16 steps.

I used Toontrack EZPlayer and it was running fine.
I used that for sending out Midi Notes via IAC Driver to GrandVJ

Sorry Schamass… I tried again. In your case the HY-SEQ seems to come up as an Audio Plugin. In my Case its orange an appears to be a midi plugin. And it still doesn’t spit out any note. Where could be the difference.

Is the MIDI file player due for release anytime soon?