Midi Sequencer

Hi Forum,

does anyone have a recommendation for a Midi Sequencer that I could use to trigger external Synths?
In the test I allready did I allways had the problem, that these plugins expect like a “playing DAW” to start, so they were not doing anything in GP.
I want to start or retrigger a sequence by some MIDI CC. On the other hand the plugin should use the current GP tempo.

maybe something for GP Version 4. :wink:

Thanks for your help guys.


We have a MIDI file player in the works - just didn’t have time to finish it before official release of GP3. But it is not a sequencer, i.e. it doesn’t have recording/editing capabilities. All it will do is play a standard MIDI file.

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Which plugins have you tested so far?
And a very basic question, but maybe something that’s missed:
Have you started the playhead in GigPerformer? Because if this doesn’t run, nothing wil happen too.
(This quite large “Play-arrow” symbol in the upper right corner)

I tested the HY-SEQ16 and another one (can´t remember the name right now) also with the play button pressed.
Something that can run freely with given temp would be nice.

I just have tested HY-SEQ16 (the free version) and it ran without problems…

This is a step sequencer, is it able to play midi files?

No, i don’t think it can play files. It only has 16 steps.

I used Toontrack EZPlayer and it was running fine.
I used that for sending out Midi Notes via IAC Driver to GrandVJ

Sorry Schamass… I tried again. In your case the HY-SEQ seems to come up as an Audio Plugin. In my Case its orange an appears to be a midi plugin. And it still doesn’t spit out any note. Where could be the difference.

Is the MIDI file player due for release anytime soon?

Hi, when is this (midi file player) likely to be available? cheers

Would this Midi Player send Control Changes to the plugins?

I dont think so, I does not send PC messages, I asked Toontrack.

LOL - Sorry Paul - I was asking that of the midi player for GP3 - when implemented.

I have been using EzPlayer with GP3, it runs the MIDI which goes to my vocal harmonizer, as well as sending out MIDI CCs to both our lighting and video software. But, it has been discontinued. I’m worried that with Catalina and beyond, we will eventually end up out of luck. It has been a great solution to us, since as a duo we are able to automate our lights, video and background vocals completely hands-free. If GP isn’t going to offer similar functionality very soon (We’ve been waiting a long time), if anyone has another solution that we could replace EzPlayer with, I’d appreciate the input!

This probably means that it won’t be updated any more, but it didn’t stop to work. Or am I wrong?

It has worked ok for us, but I have recently updated to Catalina, and yesterday when I was trying to practice with my GP gig, I noticed that the EZPlayer was not starting playback when I hit start/stop. Later I rebooted my machine and it started playing back in sync with GP start/stop again. I cannot have that happen on a gig, since EZPlayer controls our lights, video and my backing vocals. It also has a problem which is that if you tell EZPlayer to follow Host position, It does not. If I move the playhead in GP, it has no effect on EZPlayer. I’m just concerned that since they are not updating or supporting the software, I’ll eventually need something else anyways because Apple will undoubtedly come out with a release down the road that breaks EZPlayer.

I am using Ableton Live for such kind of things, and with OSC and LINK it is perfectly synchonized.

Thanks. Do you use the $99 or the suite?

Because of OSC I need M4L in Ableton => I use the Suite