MIDI Patch Name (Line 6 FBV3)

Hello GP community, I have a question that relates to my MIDI foot controller, which is the Line 6 FBV3. The device has a small LCD display to show the patch name, and I was just wondering whether anyone knows of a method to customise this?

As an aside, can anyone explain to me how the controller reads this information? I imagine the MIDI PC message contains a program descriptor field … ?

Does it support reception of MIDI Sysex messages to change the text? If so, you might be able to do something like I did to control the GT Mastermind MIDI Pedal Controller.

Otherwise, if they have something proprietary, then it would be necessary to create a 3rd party extension to control it. Whether anybody other than Line 6 could do this depends on how open they are about their own API

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I would assume that anything shown on the LCD is managed via the software editor for the controller e.g. Line 6 FBV Control application.

I doubt you can send any sysex messages to it from GP to dynamically change what it displays. But I haven’t used it so could be wrong!

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This is an excellent resource. I found a little - also relevant - information on the Internet, published by someone going by the alias vlotech, who had done some work to reverse the messages. Specifically the following method appears relevant: FBV-tools/fbv_uart.c at 199f85d0f9efc4fc31b8c60c5b72c47875507efc · vlotech/FBV-tools · GitHub

So I tried a (very) quick and dirty hack, converted a 16 character ASCII string to hex, and added the magic leading hex digits as indicated by the linked code, and set a song part to send the crafted SysEx message to the device upon changing to that part in GP4, however my first attempt didn’t work, in fact I think the device simply ignored the message.