Midi overload from expression pedal / RME Babyface & Kronos

and I just tried another similar pedal with same result, so it is not hardware related (at least not from the pedal).

I made a test with sending Note Messages and extensive CC11 message from Ableton
The Note message is sent on channel 1 and the CC11 messages are sent on channel 3
The 1st Note On message and the CC11 messages are sent at the same time.
In the Midi monitor connected in front of Keyscape you can see that the Note On message is not delayed.

Can you use a sequencer to send CC11 message and Note On at the same time and look at the MIDI Monitor if the messages arrive at the same time.

I think the issue his not Gig Performer but your Kronos.

By the way, how much is the latency of played notes?

All played notes are delayed, keyscape and organ?

I Will try to connect another keyboard to see if my Kronos makes the problem. I tried using USB cabel directly from Kronos to GP without RME babyface, and the problem persisted.

It is all sounds that are delayed.
Thanks so much for your time and effort.

As suggested by @rank13, could you please post a better screenshot of the Global MIDI Monitor when acting on your pedal?

Sure - here is a new picture from midi monitor.
I have now concluded that it is for sure my Kronos which causes the trouble, cause I tried my Yamaha Modx with exact same setup, without any problems.

I just dont know What to change in the Kronos midi settings.

Why the same messages on 4 different channels?

I am not sure if it is neccesary in regards of the expression pedal, but the Kronos itself has to send on a Channel by itself, and I chose 16 to avoid unintended sounds (YouTube recommendation).

My rackspaces consists of 3 sounds so that is the rest of the channels.

I don’t know the Kronos, but other keyboards allow you to change what channels or zones the pedals are sending information on. So it’s maybe possible to send the expression pedal only on one channel.

Still odd that this causes overload. I send 9 channels from my XK-5, soemtimes simultaniously including expression pedal information and never run into these issues.

Someone else mentioned a loop… channel 16 is sometimes setup as an omni or loop back channel. Perhaps try Channel 10 for the kronos instead of 16… does the same issue occour?

I will try your suggestion tomorrow on my next gig and see if it fixes the problem. Otherwise I will get in contact with Korg Support. They might know the issue - I´m sure it can be fixed, there are a ton of different midi settings, so probably I just have to tick something in a submenu

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I did, but the Global MIDI Monitor does not confirm this hypothesis.
I made very intensive MIDI test with GP and it is rock solid and the information displayed in the Global MIDI Monitor cannot delay anything within GP.
Could you please:

  • filter out the CC11 in the Kronos MIDI in block
  • act intensively on your expression pedal
    => are the notes played still delayed?
    My hypothesis is that something is delaying the notes sent out of the Kronos… :thinking:

Try the Korg Kronos forum


I’ve found it useful in the pat though I haven’t worked with the Kronos in some time

Please open the midi monitor and do some action on the expression pedal. Then stop and see if the midi monitor is still showing new midi commands being generated.
Maybe the pot within the pedal is getting older and this is a common problem for continously sended midi commands. This will overload your midi in on GP (and every other software!).

Apart from that program the Kronos so that it is sending only (!) expression pedal commands with the midi channel you need. As being a former Kronos user I know this is possible.

And avoid the use of midi omni in within GP. This can easily lead to problems.

Please let me know your results.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I really appreciate the help to bring this issue out of the way.

I will look into it on Tuesday, when Im back from work. I Will order a new expression pedal as well since it is more than 10 years Old has been used a lot.

Regarding OMNI vs. using dedicated Kronos Midi widget in GP. What exactly is the differenence?

Omni gets midi from all devices.

So if I have a small setup with only Kronos/RME Babyface sound card / GP - there is no difference?

But of course it Will be future proof if I extend my setup.

Unless you’re using virtual MIDI ports, it wouldn’t make any difference.
Learn more here: Gig Performer | The MIDI In OMNI plugin and the potential for MIDI feedback

Thanks - good to know!

I have now a perfectly working setup.

  • Korg Kronos was sending way to many midi messages out, so it helped untick unnessecary midi features in Kronos-Combi-Midi. Especially aftertouch if not needed, multiple expression pedal messages etc. Now I can use my expression pedal without overloading the midi Channel.

  • Dont use usb out of Kronos live. Its unstable. I solved temporary midi sync glitches with midi into RME Babyface first, and now it has been replaced with Universal Audio Volt 476 which is an awsome audio and midi interface. I havent had any frozen Kronos that lost contact with the computer between soundcheck and concert since my switch to Oldschool midicable.

Thanks for all your help and suggestions during my investigation.


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