Midi overload from expression pedal / RME Babyface & Kronos

I have solved a previous problem with unstable midi from my Korg Kronos USB into my pc laptop, by using my RME Babyface old school midicable connection as follows:

Korg Kronos (old midi out cable “pin” - not USB) into RME Babyface snake with midi in (also using it as audio interface - RME Babyface connected to my PC i7 10700 16 gb ram, 1 tb ssd via USB.

It works in regards of stability. But a new problem occurs when using my expression pedal in an active manner for eg. hammond organ. Now the midi gets behind and stacks up.
If I am just using my expression pedal (cc#11) slightly it works ok.

I didnt have this problem before using USB from KRONOS to laptop for midi, but it wasnt stable and had random cracks.

Does anyone have a solution or know if the problem has to do with midi transfer speed in the traditionel midi cables?

What do “gets behind” and “stacks up” mean? What are you seeing/hearing/experiencing?

Open the midi monitor to see which midi commands are leading to this overflow.
Please post the results here.

I experience that while using the expression pedal continiously, the midi notes get delayed as if the midi flow is getting too busy.
It gets delayed so much, that after I stop playing the notes come in a ‘stream’.

I dont have a lot of latency (128 or 256) in general, but it changes drastically when the midi signal ‘gets occupied’ with cc 11 expression massages.

I havent experienced it on USB midi connection, just after switching to Old School midi cabel for the sake of sync stabilty otherwise.

I wonder if it would be the same using MOTU midi connection instead of RME Babyface (Kronos Midi isnt stable enough). Or maybe it has to do with overloading one midi Channel?

As @Stoffel said, open the MIDI monitor, play a little while using the pedal, and post a screen shot of the MIDI monitor results.

Could it be that you have a MIDI loop somewhere? :face_with_monocle:

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That is very likely. But how would I know?

I was playing using my expression pedal continously.

Being able to see the CC value in the monitor is also helpful (i.e. make the window wider).
Do you use midi out ports in GP? Because using the “OMNI” midi in port is generally a bad idea and can be the culprit for midi loops.


Just block cc 11 with a midi filter plugin and test if notes are still delayed.

I only get the problem while using the pedal, so it is definately due to cc11 massages. I Will follow up in a few hours :blush:

I dont use midi out from GP, but not sure if it is blocked.

I have used Omni plug-in. I Will reconfigure with Kronos midi instead of OMNI in GP and get back.

But with this blocking you can test if the midi speed is the root cause or the plugin itself

Now I have blocked midi vol and midi expression in “MIDI IN (Korg Kronos)” changed from MIDI IN OMNI in my rackspace.

The problem persist - and the expression pedal still works for some reason, and CC11 events are shown in the Midi monitor.

I have made a binding from my expression pedal to “Gain and Balance Volume” that controls the volume of my hammond organ

As i have keyscape too, can you upload a small gig?

Note that I´m using 3 faders on my Kronos to control individual volume for piano / pad / hammond. Furthermore my expression pedal is set to to control volume for the hammon organ. That way I can introduce the organ in the chorus via the fader and play with it in a dynamic manner via cc11 from my pedal.

Piano Pad Hammond DB.rackspace (244.5 KB)

Ok, issue is that played notes are delayed while the cc11 messages are coming in?

correct. Everything works flawlessly until extensive use of expression pedal. I can adjust the volume slightly without problem but not play hammond organ as it should be played.

If you turn other knobs or sliders that also send CC messages, do you get delays?

Good question :slight_smile:
Just tried it. It is only from the expression pedal, not from any faders or knobs