MIDI out program change, causes GP to jump to diff rack sp

I’m trying to send program changes to Osmose synth.
Using MIDI OUT to Osmose port 2
Assigning a program change number
It works and sends the change

but upon closing the editor for midi out block, GP jumps to a different rack space and it happens to be 1 number higher than the program change I entered.

So if I create a rack space, and it’s only block is MIDI OUT, with a program change to #3 for example.
The second I close that editor, GP jumps to my 4th rack space, and will not stay on the newly created rack space.

Sounds like you have a loop….when you send the midi message out, is it possible your synth is sending the message back? Open the global midi monitor window and see what it displays when you send he message out

THANKS! thinking same thing, Osmose must be bouncing that program change right back to Gig Performer.
Seeing a ton of activity in global midi monitor.
And specifically seeing a program change in the list

sorry meant this:

I might need to filter out channel 16

This fixed it:

Ohhh :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: !!!

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