MIDI Notes Start Dropping Over Time

I am running into a strange issue. I have an i9 iMac with 32GB Ram and a Nektar Impact GXP88 controller.

After playing for a few minutes, especially with a lot of notes, I start dropping notes. It gets worse over time until only one note per chord will play. The only way to fix it is to restart GP then pray that I get an entire song before it starts again, usually not. Eventually I will getting spinner and then it stops responding totally.

This happens regardless of the Rackspace, even one with a single plug in.

One update. The notes are showing up in the Global MIDI Monitor

Presumably you’ve been using GP for a long time with no issues — so something (software/hardware/update etc) has to have changed on your system.

Actually - I am fairly new to GP. I’ve had it for a while, but finally hunkering down and replacing my hardware rig for real…or at least trying to.

FWIW - I am a 20+ year IT veteran so I looked for the changes, etc. I am not a Mac expert, but know enough to be dangerous.

Excellent - then you understand that the need to provide far more information than basically “it doesn’t work” :slight_smile:

For example, what version of the OS? What plugins? What does your rackspace look like? What kind of audio interface are you using? MIDI interface? Is it happening with everything or just one particular example? Any funky drivers installed?

For more on asking for help, please see this article


I used a waves plugin for vocal processing and I could not figure out why it was occasionally cutting out. I thought maybe the cpu was overloaded. Turns out waves offered me a free second license when I bought the plugin. But that “free” one expires and it purposely drops out to get you to buy a new subscription. I discovered when I opened the plugin settings.

Maybe yours is a similar thing?