Midi note to pgm change?

This is probably basic stuff… but can an incoming midi note send a PGM change?

eg: lowest octave on an organ (reversed keys) are used for presets, these presets could be used for more than changing drawbar presets and accompany PGM changes that would switch rackspaces, etc…

I don’t think so. You would need a rackspace script to do this. I’m sure someone must have written one and it is probably posted somewhere on this community.


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A gigscript could be used to do this quite easily.

It could probably also be done with a global script

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I keep fiddling with my setup for how it suits me best and I am increasingly considering moving my B3-X out of rack spaces and into Global, then using the 12 notes on my preset octave to switch between presets within the B3-X plugin which accepts program changes. not 100% sure of this idea yet.

Then I’d use rack spaces for all other voices I’d use from my SL73 which would then in theory be changed via pgm changes.

I built a rackspace for the HaNonB70 plugin using @dhj 's “Rackspace Variation Changing Script” which worked quite well for many presets (my rackspace has 13 presets). I linked the variations to buttons on the panel. The buttons ended up working like radio style buttons. I plan to experiment with this with B3-X when I develop some presets I like. On the HaNonB70 I just used the included presets.

Here’s the script for a 3 preset rackspace:

Organ : PluginBlock

//Called when you switch variations
On Variation(oldVariation : integer, newVariation : integer)
newVariation == 0 do
LoadGPPreset(Organ, “Jimmy”)

  newVariation == 1 do
     LoadGPPreset(Organ, "Lord")
  newVariation == 2 do
     LoadGPPreset(Organ, "Joey")



Thanks for sharing this. I think I understand… you have 13 panel buttons that effectively act as radio buttons and each is scripted to change to a variation, thereby only 1 of 13 is active at a time?

I guess that is sort of what I would be doing only instead of using widget buttons I’d we wanting to send midi notes to change, potentially variations but probably just program change numbers.

Do you have any more of your script that explains how the buttons integrate?

Those widget buttons can learn MIDI notes.

You cannot send a program change from “inside” Gig Performer (other than at the Gig Script level which is system wide) - but it may make sense to have a way to switch to arbitrary rackspaces/variations through the SystemActions plugin at some point.

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Maybe this will help. The buttons were assigned simply through System Actions.

EDIT: And, the buttons aren’t actually needed with this script. I just added them to work with my iPad Touch Screen.

That only lets you change variations or song parts — though you could use the latter where each song part in a single song goes to a different rackspace.

That’s how I’m using it in that rackspace…works like a charm.