Midi Note On Trigger Delay

Midi Note On Trigger Delay: On the Korg and Yamaha workstations, it’s possible to play a note and have it trigger with either a time delay or a note value delay. This is handy for recreating a lounge piano where notes an octave above are played slightly later or when recreating mallet instruments such as a vibraphone or marimba.

I managed to find a @David-san 's Midi CC delay script here in the GP Forum and had Chat GPT use it as the basis for the Note On delay code. Eventually it worked as a Rackspace Script but couldn’t make it work as a scriptlet that could be wired between the Midi In Block and the instrument. The only drawback is that the Midi In Block will ignore note range settings and its built in midi filter but it does the job. The second attached Rackspace features a double delay with the second note a fifth (+7 semitones) above. The script can be edited in the Rackspace Script Editor

Midi Note On Delay.rackspace (24.8 KB)
Midi Note On Delay with +7 Semitone.rackspace (25.1 KB)

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Hi @Narf,

I didn’t remember that I wrote a MIDI CC delay GPScript, but if I am a source of inspiration for ChatGPT, I already feel more “artificially” intelligent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :innocent:

If you need to delay a note using a Scriptlet, the following one should do the job (the delay is in ms):

  delay : parameter 0..1000 = 0;

On NoteEvent(m : NoteMessage)
  SendLater(m, delay)

Please, tell me if it works for you. :wink: