MIDI note input issue

I’ve run into a strange problem that I can’t figure out. I
have a rackspace(file attached) in which my MIDI input block iks my Arturia Keylab 88mkII connected to Pianoteq 8. Every note on the controller triggers a note in Pianoteq EXCEPT for E5…Viewing the MIDI input block as well as a connected MIDI Monitor Monitor block show that the note on my controller isn’t sending MIDI information. It’s not the controller keyt itself, because every other rackspace that has this identical wiring setup, E5 works. I even went into the suspected rackspace and removed the MIDI In block and Pianoteq block and brought them back in again with the same issue continuing. Suggestions or ideas?
HONEY DON’T LEAVE LA.rackspace (924.3 KB)

Open your MIDI assignment window. You probably have a widget that, perhaps mistakenly, was mapped to that note and by default, when you do that, the note is blocked from the MIDI in block

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That was it. Thx Dave!