Midi mapping (Volume levels not where I left them when changing variations)


I’m currently using the trial version of GP. I like the software so far, and I think its more functional than Mainstage. But I’m trying to map widgets with my nanokontrol and when I map the faders, it worked but when I change variations the faders and volume levels are not where I left them. This is very concerning to me because I need to know where my levels will be when playing with this live and ultimately making a purchase.



In the widgets edition general tab, check ignore variations this will keep the widget values identical for each variation in a Rackspace.



Variations remember all widget values by default and returning to a variation will restore those values automatically. If you do not want this for a certain widget you can select “ignore variations” as @David-san already suggested.

If you are talking about your physical faders on your nanoKontrol - they wouldn’t move by themselves - those are not motorized (if they were you could use the “SYNC” option) by you can control if you want to a JUMP or CATCH behaviour when you move your slider or a knob.

Hope this helps… our manual should have all the details about this as well.



I tried that and it’s not working. The widget faders are in the same position but the volume isn’t where I left it or where I originally set it after checking ignoring variations.



Can you upload a small gig where this Happens?



Forgive me…what’s a small gig?



The smallest gig file you can provide to illustrate your issue.



Please take a look at all the widget options. As we mentioned “Ignore variations” should be used if you do NOT want to save the widget positions between variations.

When you say:

which volume are we talking about? Just another widget on the front panel of your rackspace that you dropped in or are you referring to the global trim knob in the top right corner?



I set up a few fader widgets to control volume parameter in a kontakt plugin. But I think it maybe something within kontakt because when I changed the gain (GP plugin) it stayed where I left it and when I check ignore variations that worked as well. So I am assuming it is a kontakt issue.



Kontakt automation is a bit different than other plugins as you have to assign parameters to things you want to control first.

The widgets within GP will always remember their positions. These “auto-memory” sets are per variation unless you select the “ignore variations” parameter in which case there will be one saved value for that rackspace.



Yea it’s definitely kontakt. Everything GP related is working as expected. Thanks for all the help.



Thanks for the update.



Don’t forget to review the property options in each widget for “Recall value on load” and “Also recall on activate.” If those are both checked, each time you load and/or even activate (change to) the rackspace, the values will revert to what’s stored for them when you last saved.



Got it. Thanks…



Let me just expand a bit on these two options since there seems to be some confusion around those …
The “Recall…” options are there to actually NOT recall the last value you used, but rather some pre-determined value which is displayed beside those options.

By default - the widgets will ALWAYS recall values you last used in each of the variations. You do not have to do anything. It’s only if you want to make sure that a particular widget always has a certain value when you reload your gig, even if you changed that value and then saved the gig file.

Those options should be used only in some special cases - definitely not as means to store widget values because that’s the default behaviour and these “recall” options are actually overriding that.



It took a little while for me to get the “recall…” but I have do enough trial and error to see the difference in each. It was just not understanding that I had a “kontakt plugin” issue and not a GP issue.

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As I understand (quoted from user guide below), if you do check the “recall value on load” GP will use that saved value as the initial setting for the widget when you load the .gig file. If you do check the “Also recall on activate” GP will use the saved value as the starting point the next time you activate the rackspace containing the widget.

So I load a rackspace for my B3 sound. I’ve created a widget for Leslie Fast/Slow. I set it to an initial value of Slow. I check “Recall value on load.” I click the save to create the snapshot of the value in the gig file (I’ve opened the gig file in a text editor to see the capture snapshot of the value). When I load that gig file, I will always start my B3 sound with the Leslie in the Slow mode. I also check the “Also recall on activate.” Then I play, switch the Leslie to Fast. I move to the next rackspace. Then I move back to the “organ” rackspace. Because I have the option checked, my Leslie switches back to Slow automatically so I start the song with it Slow without having to switch it back.

Please correct me if that is wrong.

"Recall value on load– Gig Performer normally restores all widgets to the position they were last in when a .gig file is saved. Checking this button allows you to take a snapshot of the current position of the selected widget so that it is that position that gets recalled and loaded instead. This can be useful if you are playing, for example, a song where the volume of your piano always starts softly but gets quite loud by the end. When you come back to that song again, you don’t want the piano to still be loud—you want it to always start soft. The concept is that, even if you play around with widgets during the course of your live performance, when you next reload a .gig file, your originally stored values will return.

Snap– (Displayed only when “Recall value on load” is checked.) Click on this button to take a snapshot of the current widget position

Also recall on activate– Gig Performer normally restores all widgets to the position they were last in when a rackspace is activated. Checking this button allows you to take a snapshot of the current position of the selected widget so that it is that position that gets loaded instead when the rackspace is again activated. The concept is that, even if you play around with widgets during the course of your live performance, when you next return to a rackspace, your originally stored values will return."



That is my understanding. But gosh those are complicated descriptions. And I have seen them repeated several time on this forum. Makes me wonder if there isn’t more precise terminology that could be used.

  1. Recall value on load* - make default startup value
  2. Also recall on activate - always recall default
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@magek - yes you are right in your descriptions. The confusion comes from users thinking that this option must be checked to save the value in general which is not the case. The value is always saved.

Yes - I think that’s a GREAT suggestion. Will write it down, we’ll debate it, but don’t be surprised if we do change it to that at some point in the near future.