Midi Loop in SetList?

I don’t know what I did but when I switch from panels to setlist GigPerformer is going crazy. I was trying to set up program messages to sent to Mobile Sheets. I’m not sure what happened. Any thoughts?

Accidentally stepping on a page turner?

No. I wish it was that simple.

Please upload the gig file, so we could check

Gig Performer is going as it is instructed to go. Look how your MIDI indicators are flashing, it seems that you are having a MIDI loop.

Maybe IAC and a MIDI-omni block for midi in?

In which case the solution is to temporarily disable all IAC ports so you can access GP and fix the problem.

Thanks for all the support. I was unaware that there were MIDI Assignments in “Global MIDI” and “Setlist” in the options window. I cleared all the MIDI Assignments in the “Setlist” window and all seems fine now. I’m not sure what the difference is between these two sections. Should I assign MIDI in one over the other for selecting rackspaces and variations with a controller?