MIDI Learn Crashes GP 3.7.0

Using Arturia Keylab MkII, I’ve been trying to map the controller’s sliders to the Arturia Hammond B3 VST Plugin for Drawbar control.

When I go to the MIDI lean mode and touch a controller, it hangs and crashes GigPerformer.

Any ideas?

Windows 10 64-bit with 16GB RAM, Core i7

Hi @nealesj, do you perhaps use MIDI sync for the widget you try to learn?

@nealesj - we found one crash report submitted by you, but it seems to be related to a plugin you’re using. Also you nicely submitted more information (THANK YOU) where you said that this happened when you we reloading a gig file.

The crash happened in a plugin called “DD Delay”. Here’s the crash report. You could contact the developers of that plugin with this information so they can try to fix the issue

C:\Program Files\VstPlugins\DD Delay.dll

As for the other issue … can you reproduce it? Did you submit a crash report? I could not find another crash report with your email address.


Yes those crashes actually gave me crash reports. I managed to load the rack by renaming the dll’s that were causing the issue (so the rackspace would load) and replacing with a similar plug in.

However my latest issue does no give any crash reports. The whole program just closes down. I suspect it could be more of an issue with tre Arturia software than GP…

Is this the one reported here?

Yes it is. So unfortunately, I have no crash dumps to supply.

So in my rack, I have the Arturia B3v2 VST plug in. I double click to open up its interface and then click on the MIDI icon in the top right corner. I click on, say, the drawbars (it seems to be random when it crashes and not a particular MIDI cc value), I then move the controller to record the change then it hangs for a few seconds before crashing everything out back to the OS.

So you are trying to learn the midi directly into the plugin right? You are not assigning it to a widget?

Sorry to ask again, but do you have MIDI sync activated while learning ?

Oh, that would of course be a different thing and not the right way to do it…

@nealesj - could you confirm that you are trying to lear midi inside the plugin please? We can then give you alternative and, most likely, better options…

To be honest I need to check whether MIDI sync is activated or not so would have to confirm and yes, I’ve been learning directly in the plug in rather than a widget.


Ok - if you’re learning directly into the plugin then it’s most likely the plugin that’s locking up for some reason.

The “proper” way to control plugin parameters in GP is to use widgets. Widgets allow you not only remote control via MIDI/OSC, but they also allow you to create instantly switchable presets (variations). They also provide an intermediate layer in case you switch your midi controller and in conjunction with the rig manager - you can easily switch hardware without having to reconfigure much.

Anyway… here’s a quick way to go about this.

  1. Go to the front panel controls in GP an enter the edit mode.
  2. Start dragging a Drawbar Widget onto a panel, but before you drop it - press the number 9 on your keyboard.
  3. Let go of the mouse button to drop the widget and you’ll see that a proper set of 9 drawbar widgets has been dropped. All properly coloured.
  4. Click on the first drawbar, select your B-3 plugin from the list and press the “Learn parameter” button
  5. A plugin UI will pop up - simply move the first drawbar in the plugin slightly to lear the first widget, then click on the next drawbar in GP and move next drawbar in the plugin etc… until you assign all 9 drawbars. Exit the learn mode.
  6. Learn MIDI for the drawbar widgets by clicking on the widget drawbars in GP, going to the MIDI tab and clicking the “Learn” button. You can lear all drawbars rapidly by simply clicking on a drawbar and moving your hardware controller. You do not have to exit/enter the learn mode every time.

That’s it. You now have a fully controllable drawbar set which is remembered for each rackspace variation so to try that - just create a new variation, move the drawbars to some other positions and then switch between variations for instant sound change.

Hope this helps you and anyone else trying to automate plugins by sending midi directly into the plugin itself. It’s typically not a great idea as you lose many features of GP and you definitely could lose stability (as you experienced).

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For anyone just starting with widgets - please see this short video from our friend Larry the O