MIDI issues in Korg Kronos Combi mode

For any of you using a Kronos as a master controller - I am having trouble getting my head around how the individual track status (Off, INT,EXT and EXT2) is suppose to control the MIDI output the Kronos. No matter what I have the track status set to, MIDI output seems to not be affected. Whatever the Global MIDI channel is set to is what the controller outputs. I have a simple rack setup with the Kronos controlling Lounge Lizard with the connection working as expected. Now when I set the track status to off, Lounge Lizard still sounds. My ultimate goal is to set up Combis in the Kronos where I can have splits and layers setup to control my individual plugins in GP. What am I not getting about how the Kronos fits into all this?

I can’t answer all of those questions but in terms of splits and layers to control plugins, you should really do all that with MIDI IN blocks in Gig Performer, not through the Kronos split process.

I was hoping to create Combis in which I would incorporate internal sounds with GP plugins.

Normally that is no problem with GP, I use my Korg Kronos as a master controller. For every rackspace I have to create a new combination in my Kronos. My Global Midi Channel is Channel 1.

To proof the Midi signal and the individual track status, you could use the midi monitor in GP.

I have created 3 different setlists in my Kronos: Only Kronos Sounds, only VSTs (with GP) and a mixed Setlist Kronos-Sounds and VSTs. This last setlist I use in our gigs.

I can’t seem to create a Combi that incorporates both internal Kronos sounds and VSTs. Do you have to create multiple instances of the Kronos MIDI In to control additional VSTs?

Maybe I misunderstand something:
Why not create a patch (or whatever it is called on Kronos) where for example the internal sound is only played from C1…C3 and sends out on Midi Channel for example 1.
Then in Gig Performer create a MIDI In Plugin where the key range is set from C#3 and C8 or so
This way when you play D2 you hear a sound coming from Kronos and when you play E3 you hear it from Gig Performer.

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Just did that. I set a range of C2-B3 on the Kronos and then created a MIDI In plugin in GP connected to Lounge Lizard with the same key zone, so now I have a layer going on. I then I had to create another MIDI In in GP connected to Sonic Projects OP-X Pro II and set the key zone to C4- G8. Now I have the Kronos & Lounge Lizard layered to B3 and the OP-X playing above that split point. Is this the way I need to approach my combining the internal sounds of the Kronos with GP?

Yes this is the easiest way.

Thank you!

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