MIDI Input block issue

I was editing a MIDI Input block yesterday and experienced a rather strange issue. As you know, when you depress a key on a controller, the key that’s depressed is indicated in the block with that key turning blue and then returns to it’s normal state when the key is released. However, I discovered that even after I released a key, the key indicated in the block remained blue, as in the screenshot I have attached. Ultimately the keys return to normal, but I’m am not sure why this is occurring in the first place. Any ideas?

Shot in the dark. If it is sustained, does it stay blue until the note off message? Were you holding the sustain pedal down by any chance?

Did you switch to another Rackspace while playing?

Sustain pedal wasn’t depressed, nor was a Rackspace switched.

Changed the midi channel before releasing the key?

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I was changing MIDI channels, but I had both my hands off the controller

No, the sustain pedal would not affect this

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If you can reproduce this, then open the global MIDI monitor and see what events are coming into Gig Performer. I’ll bet that the MIDI Note Off event didn’t come in…

…until after some delay