Midi indicator in rack panel



I just purchased GP performer and working on my first backspaces and layouts. Wonder if there is a way to indicate and monitor incoming midi-messages for a specific midi device or keyboard like a flashing red or green LED widget in the rack panel? The midi indicator up-right in the GUI does not seem to differentiate between devices. I would like to see a midi in/out indicator as widget in the rackpanel showing every midi keyboard and controller activity. Is that possible?

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Hummm, yes it should be possible ! :thinking:z



For detailled monitoring you could use the Midi Monitor Plugin



We tried to implement this several years ago (the value for debugging is obvious) but ran into a bizarre problem that impacted performance sufficiently that we put it on hold. Now that GP (and the underlying infrastructure) is more mature, we plan to take another look at this

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MIDI Monitor is great to insert at one place in the signal chain to watch MIDI events that pass this way. But an indicator in MIDI In Blocks (or also instruments - notes/events could have been filtered after the MIDI In Block) would enable us to see at a glance whats comes in and which instruments receive a note played on one of the keyboards.

I find it very important a) for debugging in complex Rackspaces and b) to quickly check right before the gig if everything works (all USB devices still there, instruments receive their events etc.) with a muted master. I play one note, instrument flashes, everything is okay, the show can start :fireworks:



@Andi1 and @jazzundso , this is something you could try: MIDI_LED.gig (47.1 KB)

Channels LED are flashing each time a MIDI event is received:

There is no indexed adressing and no function calls for efficiency reasons, but if you really want to shorten the script, thanks to @dhj it will be possible in the next GP release :+1:

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I doubt that a few function calls will impact efficiency and indexing through an array will be faster than a linear sequence of 16 tests for the MIDI channel.

Nevertheless this was a very cute idea to implement.



I forgot the tests, you are right.



Yes, it’s a very nice idea. Thanks for the script.

Of course not really a replacement for flashing Blocks in the Back View where I’d need this more urgently.



I am pretty sure, in a near future, it will be integrated to the MIDI blocks in the back view. Of course, I am waiting for your proof of concept video illustrating this point :wink:



Hahahh. Tempting … but I think one proof of concept video per week is enough :slight_smile:



I think we can all wait until next week :ok_hand:



Thanks for this! Great to see the activity and drive of the GP developement team.