Midi IN not reacting


I currently have the problem that all MIDI IN widgets in the rackspaces (all set to midi 1) are not reaction on my keyboard sending on channel 1. Just working with one instance.
If I creat a new MIDI IN with the same setting as the old one the new one is working!?
What is causing that?

Some options to check…
Is there any midi coming in generally?
Make screenshot of the global midi monitor window, after you played some notes.
Is your keyboard recognized and available as midi controller?
Make a screenshot of your midi port options dialog.
Try to reset all channels in your midi in block settings (the “…” button), then connect a midi monitor block to the midi in block and see if there’s something happening, and if, what is it?

Midi is coming in, as written, if I make a new Midi In block with the same setting as the old one it works.
The keyboard is recognized.
Reset the channel doesn’t help, it not coming in.

What version of Gig Performer are you using?
Are you using the Rig Manager?
Are you using the OMNI MIDI In Plugin?

Actual version.
Rig Manager not for the piano.
If I creat a new one it makes no difference if I use Omni or dedicated for channel 1, the new works, the existing not.

Can you export a non working rackspace and upload it, so I can check?

Can you please popup the menu for both the old and new, go to “Change MIDI Input Device” and provide a screen shot of the list of device names that appear there, as in this example?

Midi In is the not working
Midi In (Omni) (1) the working

Are your MIDI controllers connected?

Just the Piano, and it is working with a new midi in, but not with the „old“ already existing once.

What is the Piano ?

Are you using a USB-hub?

No, no hub,
it at home, just a studiologic studio.
But GP is receiving the midi signal, just the existing, already implemented Midi In blocks are not working, the new ones are. It’s GP internal.

I will send you a rackspacke.

Ok, please export such a non working rackspace and upload it.

Bed of Roses.rackspace (711.8 KB)

Sorry, I don not see any anomalies

What happens when you assign a physical device to the non working MIDI In plugins?

It didn’t work.
As checked before the midi is sending nothing out.
Don’t worry, I will change it with the „Change midi input device“.
It’s just my test rack at home, but it behavior is strange…

Seems that for the “MIDI In” Plugins, it is the 1st MIDI In Plugin in wiring view,
you used the MIDI Device “SL GRAND”.

When you connect your SL GRAND, how looks your MIDI ports window?

Could it be you have been using SL GRAND and now SL STUDIO?