MIDI IN - Fade out before split

In Korg Kronos I have something called “velocity zones” that allows me to fade out a sound around the split point.
For instance I can make a bass / piano split and let the piano go down in the bass area but at a lower volume that fades out at the buttom split point.

Is it possible to do the same in Gigperformer?

If you’re actually reducing velocity rather than just doing a volume cross fade, you could probably do it pretty easily using two midi in blocks, one for each instrument and then set the scaling curves of each of them to reduce or increase respectively as you approach the split point

I will try that out. How do you scale curves in the midi in block?

Please refer to the documentation

Sure, Thanks for guiding me in the right direction​:+1::blush:

Why don’t you create a velocity split? Read this blog for the complete guidelines: Gig Performer | How to create keyboard and velocity splits