Midi In (<error>-1-2) errors

Hi, I’ve noticed this error start to appear recently.
IE - Midi In (-1-2)

All keyboards are connected using USB, via a USB Hub. I’ve changed USB hubs, (same type)

I’ve added a different type of USB hub (better quality), and hopefully that fixes the issue.

Any ideas?
I use a Roland DS61 and I use an Impact LX49 at home, but. a Komplete S49 when gigging.

I usually have to restart my Macbook to fix the error.

Are they powered USB hubs?

Hi, they can be powered, however I’ve been using these hubs for 1-2 years, but they are cheap from Amazon. I curently have this one on there with a Targus one attached.

The only devices drawing power will be the Impact LX49 atm, as well as the iPad.

What changed on your system “recently”? Did you update anything? Install anything? Hardware change?

Also, what does the MIDI view in Audio MIDI Setup look like?

Nothing really, other than cancelling my Roland Subscription(which was due to the fact that we play areas without mobile reception. Nothing worse than it asking for verification etc) @ 2 months ago.
I’ll send a link soon.

Do you use a M1/M2 chip with Ventura 13.5.2?