MIDI-Guitar: ROR Guitars Expressiv MIDI Pro 2

This is quite impressive:


Nice. I wasn’t convinced about the X-Y pad though - wonder how much that added to the cost?


MIDI Guitar 2 by Jam Origin will soon be MIDI Guitar 3, with MODS. MIDI Guitar is Mac or PC. Version 3 is adding MODS, internal virtual instruments that fully respond to slides and bends. They’ve only been mentioned in the Jam Origin forum recently. I asked, and MIDI Bass (and the yet-to-be released MIDI Violin) should also support the MODS.

This is for the current release.

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It looks like a beautiful beast full of possibilities.
Obviously the price is commensurate with the features offered.
This could be an opportunity for a guitarist looking to explore new musical avenues with a dedicated instrument.

For me, the price is prohibitive and I am perfectly happy with Jam Origin’s Midi Guitar + GP4 which also offer me endless possibilities. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for what concerns expressive playing, I think that this has been going on for quite some time.
Midi Guitar


Good vid. Leif is the guy who first mentioned the new MODS instruments.

Awesome! I’ve been doing bends and slides for years with my fishman triple play for years which separates the strings to separate channels and it’s very fast and accurate. To be honest, even on the same channel is crazy accurate. I imagine this will be a bit more glitch free, bit what I love most are the controls onboard. That’s so great!