midi guitar keeps creating new outputs


ok, really, i am NOT testing to see how long before you block me from posting here…

so, i use MIDIGuitar2 on most of my patches and rackspaces. it seems that every time i start up GP, it creates a new midi input device for MidiGuitar. i am now up to 33. is there a way to get rid of old ones and/or keep GP from creating new ones each time i start up?

i have a jpg that shows the problem (the “change midi device” window from right-clicking the midi in block), but i am having trouble uploading the image. the “upload image” button gives me a dialog box, i choose my jpg, but apparently nothing happens after that.



They changed the way the plugin works between versions 1 and 2. It used to be that you create one plugin and it gives you a midi output channel (pin) that you can connect elsewhere. That does not work any longer.
Now they actually create a whole new midi output port and you have to now use a separate midi input block for it. I don’t even know how would this work with some other hosts.

So unfortunately - this is nothing that GP is doing. It’s the MidiGuitar plugin that’s create a new midi output whenever you create a new plugin instance.

I use two different workarounds:

  1. I sometimes just open the stand alone MidiGuitar2 app. This creates a new midi output port that connects to my GP blocks for it
  2. I have another instance of GP called “MigiGuitarOnly” which contains one rackspace with only one MidiGuitar2 plugin connected to the appropriate input. Now I have a new midi input and can use it in my main GP instance.

Hope this helps.


You should probably complain to the Midi Guitar developers.


thanks for the suggestions, i will write to the MG people.