MIDI Guitar 3 and Gig Performer

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MIDI Guitar 3 hasn’t been released to the public yet–still in private beta.

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Not so private though. Link for Mac at:

and for Windowsversion, copy the zip file link i the top post


Welcome, @LoFiLeif ! I’ve been following you on the Jam Origin forum for a long time. You make useful, interesting videos and provide some excellent suggestions/help.

If you are not familiar with Gig Performer, I highly recommend that you spend a little time with GP. I’ve used several other plugin hosts in the past, but have been on GP since v2. It was better than the alternatives back then. Now, it’s just mind-blowing.

See you back at JO.



Welcome to this community forum! :slight_smile:

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Hey guys! Thanks for making me feel welcome here as well! :pray:

@themaartian I am not completely unfamiliar with GP, but I still have a bunch to learn of course. It is a great complement to MG3 to be able to open up two instances and shift between rackspaces and variations that way, compared to just browsing through the presets in MG3 in standalone mode. I did a little video on this a couple of days ago. https://youtu.be/mIjo7gI7UZw


Great video!

I created a separate thread here: [video] Blurring the line between Acoustic and MIDI with Gig Performer and MIDI Guitar 3


You may find this absurd, but I would like to use MIDI Guitar 3, but it doesn’t fit into my workflow. I have two monitors and I have always open Guitar Pro, Gig Performer and the Apollo Console. I have tried to use MIDI Guitar stand alone and as a second instance, because my main Gig Performer instance has a very high latency. Both solutions work technically, but at the end of the day I don’t want to have too many open windows. I think in an ideal world every plugin in Gig Performer should have its own latency settings, but it seems that this is not how things work…

Don’t forget that MG3 is only in Beta version and far from being finalised.
It will be some time before a stable version is available.
Don’t hesitate to post any problems you encounter on the forum jamosapien.com to help development progress.
I use Midi Guitar in 95% of my GP projects and I never have a MG window opened when I’m playing except for editing, like any other plugin or application.

Thank you for your advice. It is just that I want to keep things simple and it is very convenient, when you got only one instance of Gig Performer. So you just have everything under one hood. I need very high buffer settings. So I have a very high latency. So the only solution would be to use MIDI Guitar stand alone or in a second instance. And this is adding another level of complexity, but this is just me being stupid maybe :wink:

I also want to keep things as simple as possible and I play with a single instance of GP and no other application.
But being a guitarist, the priority is the Midi Guitar plugin, a good amp plugin and then the rest, trying to have rackspaces with enough headroom for both audio and cpu.
And because I’m wise, clever and not too greedy, I manage to do it. :innocent:

The only two Midi Guitar functions I use are MIDI conversion and Deep Expressor, and if the MG3 plugin is too greedy, I’ll stick with MG2 (I haven’t tested it yet because the plugin version isn’t yet available for Windows).

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That’s actually clever :smiley:

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