Midi for Behringer XR18 Faders - how to assign to the plugins in my GP rack

I plan on starting here (Controlling Gig Performer Using OSC) but want to be sure I am on right track.

I am just trying to get some faders in my Behringer XR 18 interface (I use 3rd party Mixing Station app) that will communicate via Midi to the plugins in my Gig Performer rack.

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Hi @bearaby, welcome also.

Well thats a journey Im on atm
Could you explain a bit more? There are a lot of possible ways the xr is being used…Im using GP to control my iem mixers ie from GP to XR
Mixing station is usually only outfitted with command access directly to the xr unless David (extremely helpful and responsive mixstation author) has updated the app to also allow external OSC out?


I was trying to go use the midi learn function in GP to learn the XR faders I assign to different knobs on plugins. Using DCA 1 channel to build faders in XR18 Mixing Station for the VST plugins or the GP interface for those plugins. But can’t seem to get it to work yet. I want to be able to tweak reverb parameters from plugin while in Mixing Station.

XR OSC Midi only transmits across the usb interface or physical midi ports so Mixstation has no way to get there
You can however have Xair application on a host pc plugged into the xr and it can then communicate to GP

To my knowledge, you cannot get across to the xr without usb directly (or networked midi which then needs hardwired connection to the xr)

Mixstation only addresses functions on the xr because its fixed schema if you know what I mean, so Im not sure what faders you are thinking of using?

Also, is this for the FOH guy because it would be tricky using mixstation during performance to tweak the plugins for a player?

Not sure if this helps but I had a pretty difficult time putting the pieces but check the explanation and tell me if the diagram helps (xr mixers are a 'fixed schema host…they already have everything mapped and way beyond what is available in midi)

I am in a bit over my head but I think I can build faders on a DCA channel which may not be fixed schema (???) - sorry new terms for me. And then was hoping to click Midi Learn in GP or the plugin for a parameter for reverb and then that fader in Mixing station to make it be the midi controller. I will have to reread your post a few times to catch up but I wanted to at least respond to the fixed schema.
I should also add that I have XR18 Mixing Station, X Air Edit and GP and plugins all installed on same WIndows laptop. Only for karaoke and way overkill but that’s me :wink:

Ah ok…then thats entirely different as mixstation was never on PC…had a quick looks and its everything that was missing on xair and the android app. Sorry about all the terms but if not sure…just ask; its no prob to make it clear and others can reuse the info

So the dca only ever groups channel faders (kind of invisible moving of faders altogether) on 1 fader…so Im thinking you are using an external reverb as a plugin to send to and go back to the xr?

He has a great manual and way of teaching…almost instant to grab it :slight_smile:

Yes that is exactly what I am doing. And I want to be able to tweak the reverbs in XR without ever going to GP.

Well having such good docs for mix station makes understanding it quick…kudos to David!
So it has an OSC api but its probably a lot of work for not a lot of gain although way more elegant…you could even run it from a browser!

The ui elements ie sliders etc dont allow you to address stuff that isnt XR

It does send midi out from the xr when you do tweak the xr and its all on the same machine so that means it is should work fine…nearly there

so the next step; knowing the key to GP as a newb (like me)

GP doesnt work midi to midi ie CC1 comes in and you map it to the plugin parameter; it has a middle man = “The Widget”.

Those Sliders, knobs etc are what you see as the ‘dashboard’, well for you, at least when you are
testing and setting up

They then pass that control parameter on in their own manner

That was the main issue I had in understanding because midi is normally just device>plugin parameter

So you can go just go as you were thinking and keep it really simple
XR midi out > GP > Widget > Plugin parameter

but the real issue is that you will somehow need to lose a fader somewhere and hijack it to GP. In other words turn off an on board verb to eg or disable and instead route that to GP

Hope that helps
I have to work :slight_smile:

This is one of the key paradigm shifts behind Gig Performer compared to those older MIDI-centric systems.

It’s worth watching Larry The “O”'s video about widgets

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Definitely! Im doing a diagram…pictures speak a 1000…

“Its all about the…widgets!”

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A picture of my workflow. I use one 17" laptop for karaoke shows with XR18 as my mixer and using effects plugins with Gig Performer to route to and from the XR via USB send/return. Have built a rough rackspace (pictured) and also pictured is wiring diagram from GP. Use 5 buses for sends and spare channels for returns as I only need one monitor for karaoke. Be nice to find a way to midi the Gig Performer into the XR interface so I could control a few reverb parameters without having extra window open. The other window is Virtual DJ, the software I use to run karaoke. There is a guy on XR18 forum that does this with Apple - forgot app name - not gig performer. He uses DCA buses in the Behringer XR18 to assign faders and midi control to.

Great effort!
That shouldnt be an issue
Also, if you use a hardware controller, it always easy although that may not be what you are thinking as well.
Might be worth talking to David Giga (author) and ask if he could add OSC addressing, then you would be set because there would be a simple way to address GP.
Ask him…he is a great guy and brilliant implementer…his prog is pure osc atm…