MIDI Foot Switch with GP3? (FBV3 by Line 6)

Is it possible for GP3 to see this MIDI device somehow?
With Main Stage 3 I just plug the usb in and it recognizes the foot switch and you can easily map each button to a function.
I like GP3 so much but this is the only problem…does anybody have a solution/workaround?

If you go to ‘Options > Midi Ports’ in the menu, do you see it listed?

It should just work — what makes you think GP is not seeing it? If you unplug it, wait about 10 seconds and then plug it in again, GP should inform you at the top. See below for example where I unplug and then plug in a controller

Should work exactly the same in GP. Just plug in your foot pedal, drop a knob or a slider or some other widget on, go to the MIDI tab of it’s properties, click “Learn” and move your MIDI controller to automatically associate your hardware to the widget on the screen.

Sometimes devices become kind of a “ghost” in Settings > Audio MIDI Setup and don’t allow to “re-connect”?
Simply delete that “ghost” device (like picture bellow) and re attach the device…Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 15.51.51