MIDI foot controller for Gt/Bass playing, with 2-3 expression pedals

Hello Stringartists at GP Forum,

i play Bass again, i play thru specific GP3 Bass “patches” (Gigs),
and now do i want to control some parameters with some Expression-pedal controls.
I have no clue whats possible, whats out there, exept of the well known Behringer 1010 ( or so)

ideally, i´d get to have:
_the possibility to run several Expression pedals at once. …3 ideally, i´d guess. Huh !..or even more ?
_and ideally, the possibility to reassign a expression pedal from one parameter over to another (several) by pressing a foot switch, for example up-down.

its really ALL about the expression pedals, and in my case NOT about switching “Gigs” or “variations”, and all that sort of arrangements.
I will stay within one gig, within one Variation for what i do ( studio use)

__whats my best bets here ?..is there even something suitting for such a task ?
__or: are there small solutions, so i´d just had to stack some small ones up on a USB-Hub ?
this ocul even be the better solution. One expression pedal, plus up-down keys, …but i´d want to reassign the expression pedal to different CCs / presets (within the footcontroller)

Maybe you should get one of those little boxes, then you could connect any low-cost (or high cost) pedal to your computer and make it send the needed CC signals.



Wow, i´ve never seen this bevore !

i´m flying right now thru the manual.
It looks indeed super interesting !
…ships from the US though, so costs will add up, and i quasi would have to take two, …not cheap.
But i VERY much like that idea of that little Box.
Great tip, thanks !

still interested to hear more about foot controllers.
i´m not shure, but i think some can also take additional expression pedals right ?
( while i´d hate to have such big board on the floor,…but for Bass playing might it work out)

There’s always the good ol’ Behringer FCB1010.

Behringer FCB1010


Thanks for the reminder,
so i went and just checked it again, and remember why i never bought one:
its too big ! …its unfortunately not doable to incorporate the 1010 on my setup right now.
The 10 footswitches would have been handy to switch setups

Here’s a couple of options:
I standalone usb midi expression pedal. You could probably plug 3 into a USB hub.

Or Xsonic Airstep - I have this and the Airstep Lite to wireless control GP. Only 2 expression pedals though.

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There’s that. Same reason I never bought an Ampeg 8x10 frig. Too big!

both super great tipps ! thank you

the airstep looks supercool especially to send HID (qwrty) massages. ( also something new to me)
i miss such functionality too sometimes. Controlling Wavelab for example .

…guess i have to spend more than thought, but i´m getting an idea where i want to take it.

Great !

Glad I could help. The AIRSTEP stuff is very cool. I love being able to do everything wirelessly. You can use a CME WIDI on a non-Bluetooth device to control it wirelessly too. A very flexible system. Here’s a pic of my stuff on a Pedaltrain board.


What about the good ol’ Yamaha MFC10 ?
Something like the Behringer, with the ability to connect up to 5 expression pedals.

Messages from the onboard pedals are easily assigned to widgets for whatever you need.

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ahh, interesting !
…this could work out to place it by my keyboardtable by adding additional footpedals, other than the Behringer.
Good to know that this one exists. ( i think when i surfed Thomann.de was the yammi not shown…out of stock or so )
Thanks !

its interesting, seeing these tools, and thinking about it. So i also just get to “envision” how a future workflow might look.

That was finally the idea of the thread.
Now i get a way better picture of what tools exist :wink:

i´ll add btw. the blokas “midihub” to the interesting tools that could help one guy or the other
(since longer planned to get one)

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interesting ! thanks for sharing

There is a quad version with four inputs. I use one and have two Roland switches and two expression pedals connected. The one output goes to a hub plugged into my Surface Pro. Works great. Forget the price, just buy the quad version.

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I do not know where you live, but shipping is free for several european countries, look at the purchase details and the world map. The delivery time was 2 weeks for me.

For the price of 2, go straight for a Midi Expression Quattro or a Midi Expression iO if you need MIDI i/o (I have both :slight_smile:), one input can be used with a dual footswitch for rackspaces or variations changes, even if you do not need it, because it is more fun and practical to jam or work hands-free than with a mouse :wink:

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For my bass and chapman stick setup. (The buttons on the Softstep are pressure and XY sensitive and can act as exp pedals, send PC, CC and Note messages.)

Is not a bit difficult to control with your foot? :thinking:

The touch guitar player in one of my bands uses one of these. If you stand up to play, it seems to work very well. Those pads respond in multiple directions. However, if you sit at a keyboard and the soft step is under the keyboard so you can’t really see it, then it’s really hard to use.


This is the same for any other guitar switch board, isn’t it?

No because when you have physical buttons that stick up and are a little further apart, it’s easier to find them by “feel”


i meant two of these, the quad with midi :wink:

i live i switzerland.
No additional shipping is great news !..they nevertheless charge special inport fees ( per package) when coming from the US even more.
I have two setups finally: keyboardable and modularsynth.

thats interesting to hear about that keythmcmillen thing !!
since if thats really working, …, i could imagine its way more ergonomic for the foot.
and i belive you, it does work :wink:

…i´m off of money right now, so i have some time to plan this whole midi-foot control endevour a bit longer than tought.