Midi File Player Wont start

Trying to load a MIdi file created in Cubase, Windows Media player plays it correctly but Mdi File Plater doesnt:
Attached is the midi and here is what MFP looks like
Obvisouly I have correctly connected to a plugin and audio out enabled, midi channel is OK too. Its only 2 bars long.
When I press play nothing happens.

harpsi loop.zip (263 Bytes)

GOT I had the SYNC On :- ) ) )
It works!!


Was just about to point that out.
Glad you got it working.

Works fine for me Win10/GP 4.8.2.

You have sync enabled are you pressing Play in the MFP or the master play in GP? You have to press the master play in GP with sync enabled.

I am not able to reproduce the issue… I have downloaded your midi file and loaded it into player, routed the midi to a piano plugin (pianoteq) and have tested this with both channel mapping enabled and not enabled and it works for me.

Are you sure the target VST is recieving on the channel you are sending?

Look up! I replied to myself! :rofl:

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