Midi File Player not syncing drums nicely

When i switch between the 1st midi file and 2nd file it don’t sync properly.
The 2 midi loops are exported from HALION 7 and in it if i keep switching between them is switches very nicely.

From Halion 7, the midi loop from 1 and 4 variations are exported to the MFP.

This is the setup I have in GP wiring on Global Rack.

Attaching the recorded wav file, which shows the irregularly syncing of midi files when doing switching between 1st and 2nd midi file on MFP.

When the switching of 1 and 4 variations is done from Halion 7, we don’t hear that syncing issue.

You’ve made them separate songs. Songs are independent - there’s no sync switching from one to another.

You should put your two loops in separate tracks of a single MIDI file (song) and then switch tracks

Got it. So switching between songs is not intended with Midi File player, right?
So based on your suggestion, i need to put the 2 drums loops in 2 tracks in the midi file and to switch between the tracks widgets i need to mute one track and unmute another one ?

If i have a midi file which is full song track bgm (multiple tracks with drums, bass, args, pads etc) which has chorus verse and bridge etc, if i want to randomly play chorus verse and bridge sections by pressing widgets on GP, can it be done with midi file player?

Do you have a youtube video created on how to do it all these things with midi file player?