MIDI Device Reset

Hi. Is there a way to reset a MIDI device in Gig Performer without having to exit and restart the software. For example, if my keyboard gets disconnected for some reason or there’s a weird error then I sometimes need to restart GP. In Reaper I can reset midi devices and avoid a full restart of the software.



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Single clicking on the icon shown in the below screen shot resets all midi devices without having to exit and restart GP. In my experience, this is very fast. If you double click it resets the audio interfaces and that can take several seconds depending on your setup. Hope this answers your question?

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Aside from Panic?

Panic is the icon in the upper right:


If you are running scripts that rely on the midi device in question… use Recompile All Scripts… available in the System Actions plugin or in the Options menu…

Ah, thank you. I’ll try double click. Midi panic is useful but doesn’t solve all issues. Usually it’s because I forgot to turn on my keyboard before starting GP. Then it won’t see it until I restart the software. Double click might help.

Please, tell us if it works for you.

This is odd. Today GigPerformer seems to cope with me turning the keyboard off and on and it reconnects without needing to trigger a panic or reset. It also works after a double click. I’ll continue to monitor it. Maybe a software change or Windows update has affected the behaviour for the better. It’s a keyboard connected via USB MIDI. Thanks for your advice.

or Windows update has affected the behaviour for the better.

This is likely that happened.

I’m not that hard core, but I spoke with a couple of people that use Windows 10 for audio and that tested new Windows 10 builds.

They claim that the only Windows 10 version that comes without heavy DPC latency is v1809. So they don’t update it at (all and accept all security risks as tradeoff). Works great for them (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it).

Also change the usb cable to check that it is not a hardware problem.
I’ve already encountered this problem with a midi controller.