Midi daw controller on GigPerformer4

How can a midi daw controller on GigPerformer4 enable me to use the channel 1 button to change another original button output channel 2 to output channel 3 and press it again to return to the original channel 2

Something like this? Gig Performer | The MIDI Channel Constrainer

Hi @lsc and welcome to the GP community forum.

If I understand what you want, using a GP MIDI constrainer plugin, as suggested by @npudar should do the job. The idea is then to assign a widget button to this MIDI constrainer plugin and adapt the min max values of the button to match the channel you want to switch to and from. The widget button can of course also then be mapped (MIDI learned) to any button of your MIDI controller.

If you needs more help to achieve this result, don’ hesitate to come back to us. And please let us know if it worked for you. :wink:

Feel sorry! I didn’t describe it clearly enough. I’m a live audio worker. I want to use a button on the Midi control to change the function of the effector knob I use. For example, pressing the button on the same knob adjusts Predelay and then presses it to adjust RevTime

It will help if you tell us what the midi controller is.

Are you saying that you want to control two different parameters with a single knob? And use a button to toggle which parameters are being controlled by the knob?

You might also find it helpful to write in your own language and use a tool like deepl to convert it to English.


Yes! I want to do that.
My controller is X-TOUCH COMPACT

Do you want this to work on all 8 of the knobs/encoders at the top of the X-Touch? And where the ‘button’ is where you can press the knob/encoder to send a different MIDI message?

This script may provide a starting point, or at least give you an example of a similar feature that can be achieved with GP Script.

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Thank you for your help! The code is available, is it possible to change it to one button to control one knob?

I did it! Thanks to rank13for your help [
switch destination (1).gig (125.5 KB)


Great job adapting @schamass’ script!
It’s very addictive once you understand the basics and see how powerful it is (both GP and GP Script :slight_smile: )

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